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Legwork Announces Industry-First Platform for DSO and Multi-Practice Networks

By Planet DDS
January 28, 2021

Legwork Enterprise ushers in a new era for the DSO industry with the first all-in-one platform to streamline business intelligence, optimize patient communications, and drive peak performance across the entire network.

WENATCHEE, Wash., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Legwork, a leading Patient Relationship Management software provider for the dental industry, today announced the launch of Legwork Enterprise. This purpose-built platform is engineered specifically for DSO and multi-practice dental networks to create consistent, effective, and efficient marketing and patient communication practices at each and every practice in their networks. Leveraging the proven Legwork platform that simplifies the process for dentists to attract, retain, and grow persistent patient relationships, Legwork Enterprise aggregates data, best practices, and communication management for the entire network. This gives the DSO executive or marketing leader tools to effectively automate and replicate patient communications practices at scale, including:

  • Detailed visibility into the performance at each practice
  • Ability to launch and manage automated marketing campaigns by practice, region, or the entire organization
  • Automated administration capabilities
  • Unified reputation management for the entire network
  • Ability to easily deploy patient communications at every practice in their network

“Dental Practice Networks, whether DSO, franchise, or multi-location, thirst for ways to take what works at one location and apply it effectively in others. Unfortunately, nearly every tool we’ve encountered focuses on the execution at the practice-level alone,” said Korey Korfiatis, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Legwork. “Our customers loved using Legwork at the practice level, and our DSO customers loved the performance gains that they saw when Legwork was deployed in their networks, but they told us they wanted centralized management, reporting, and insights. They were the reason for Legwork Enterprise; it’s truly built as a love-letter to our DSO customers who inspired the platform’s creation. We can’t wait to see what they do with it.”

Legwork Enterprise extends the proven value Legwork has shown integrating PMS solutions with automated patient communications, detailed business intelligence metrics, and automated engine to identify and promote new treatment opportunities, with a new layer of multi-practice insights and control. The Legwork Enterprise dashboard gives executives at the corporate office a full suite of tools, including:

  • Business Intelligence Metrics
  • Online Review Monitoring
  • Net Promoter Scoring
  • Unscheduled Treatment Monitoring
  • Campaign Templates
  • On-Demand Patient Messaging
  • Team Communications
  • And more!

Within each section, the DSO leadership team is able to cross-compare each location, identify best practices, and replicate success at scale to every dentist and practice they support from a single, unified interface.

“Legwork has been a terrific partner at the practices in our network for years, driving superb performance and innovations in patient communications and treatment plans,” said Chris Baughman, Chief Marketing Officer at Catalyst Dental Allies, a DSO managing over 22 locations. “but with this step they’ve taken things to the next level. It’s rare to find a software partner that truly listens to their customers, so it’s refreshing to see Legwork Enterprise so clearly inspired by our aspirations for greater scale and centralization. It’s challenging to manage a diverse range of locations, optimize practices, and understand performance, so a tool like this is a big step toward putting us in the driver seat supporting our practices.”

Legwork Enterprise is available immediately for DSO, dental franchises, and multi-location practices.

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