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Legwork and Plan Forward Announce Collaboration

By Planet DDS
October 29, 2021

Plan Forward and Legwork partner to bring a turnkey membership solution and a powerful marketing platform to dental practices across the country, to accelerate new patient acquisition, improve patient retention and satisfaction and fuel greater growth for the practice.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN., October 26, 2021 — Plan Forward partners with dental practices to power and manage profitable membership plans that positively impact their business with recurring cash flow, increased treatment acceptance, and improved patient retention. Legwork is a powerful dental patient engagement software and website ecosystem that unifies all patient workflows in one place to help dentists attract leads, retain patients, and grow their practice. This unique partnership will support providers in marketing their practices, attracting new patients, and retaining those patients with memberships. Patients on membership plans are loyal, take control of their oral care, and are more open to treatment. For the practice, more membership patients means more cash flow and visibility into their future revenues.

Delivering a premier patient experience from the first interaction and throughout the dentist-patient relationship is important both for patient retention and practice growth.

Legwork equips practices with tools that enhance the patient experience, while Plan Forward removes cost confusion and provides transparency for affordable dental care. This combination sets the practice up for a successful patient relationship and increases patients’ loyalty to the practice.

“At Legwork we strive to help our providers delight their patients. Working with Plan Forward allows us to give them another tool to do just that,” said Korey Korfiatis, co-Founder and co-CEO of Legwork. “Membership plans are becoming more and more crucial to a dental practice’s success, and no one understands that better than Plan Forward. Their in-office experience is parallel to none because their solution was created to solve a problem in a real dental practice. You can’t get more hands on than that.”

“We have a mission to increase patient access to oral care, and make cost a less important factor in the decision to accept treatment,” said Megan Lohman, co-Founder and co-CEO of Plan Forward. “We believe that we can improve patient satisfaction. Legwork shares that mission every day with the more than 20 million patients they have connected to dentists. Membership plans benefit not only the patients, but when done correctly, dramatically impact the business as well. When you combine that with a powerful marketing platform like Legwork, dentists will be able to attract and retain new patients quicker and easier than ever before. It’s a really exciting moment in the dental industry.”

Legwork and Plan Forward work directly with each practice to deliver a fully customizable, tailor-made solution with proven results.

Each platform is fully HIPAA and PCI-compliant, including the Legwork Pay feature that integrates customers’ payments into one seamlessly-managed portal. Each membership plan is unique to that practice and their patient base. Plan Forward works with the dentist and their team to create, implement, manage, and grow their membership plan. Using the Legwork solution, dentists can narrow their target market to uninsured patients in their area and delight them with a membership plan that makes going to the dentist a simple and easy decision.



Plan Forward is a dental membership solution that partners with practices to create, implement, grow, and maintain membership plans. Taking our real-world expertise and crafting it into a turnkey solution that combines a powerful yet easy to understand platform, Plan Forward offers a guided approach with proven results that will positively impact your business. We know that together, we can shape the future of dentistry and improve patient satisfaction at every clinic across America. Visit for more information and Let’s Plan Forward.


Legwork delivers happiness to 20 million dental patients across North America via all-in-one engagement software. Integrating with dental practice management software, Legwork executes dozens of complex tasks so dental teams don’t have to. Legwork helps streamline the front office, attract new patients, and keep seats filled via our easy-to-use web-based dashboard. From engaging prospects looking for their next dentist to reactivating dormant patients, Legwork covers the entire dental patient journey. Learn more at WWW.LEGWORK.COM 

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