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Introduction to the Success Team

By Planet DDS
December 10, 2019

At Legwork, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to put a smile on the face of our clients. That’s what our motto, “Happiness Delivered,” is all about. Constantly seeking more ways to deliver happiness, we took a look at the support experience for new customers.

Software providers often hold a customer’s hand through the purchase process, but then leave them to handle setup and configuration by themselves. You’ve probably encountered this when getting a new phone or computer…the retailer assumes you’re a computer expert, which doesn’t set you up for success. At Legwork, we take a different approach to the customer support experience.

Meet the Success Team.

The Legwork Success Team delivers a top-tier support experience for new and old customers alike. From day one, each of our customers is assigned a concierge to serve as their direct point of contact with the team.

The concierge is more than just a support representative; they’re responsible for making sure you get the most out of your Legwork software. After all, what good is a feature that you don’t know how to use? If you select a new app or receive a new feature, your concierge is there to assist with set up, configuration, and training. And if you run into an issue, your concierge can answer your questions and get you back on track.

The Success Team is here to put a smile on the faces of you and your staff. If you’re already a Legwork customer, you can get to know your concierge simply by emailing support at [email protected] . And if you decide to switch to Legwork, a concierge will be ready to help from the start!