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Improving Office Efficiency by Reducing Cancellations and No-Shows

By Planet DDS
October 16, 2019

How many times per week does your practice experience no-shows and cancellations? How often do patients not follow up with their treatment plans or subsequent cleanings?

Patient engagement software can reduce no-shows, cancellations, and unscheduled treatments through efficient follow-up that doesn’t require extra effort from your team.

Recalling & Reactivating Patients

Once your patients have completed a treatment, it’s easy for them to forget about regular cleanings or follow-up appointments. Those lapses can tally up into a long list of potential patients, and it’s money left on the table if you don’t keep in touch with each one. Patient engagement software can track every patient’s needs and remind them to schedule follow-ups, resulting in more appointments while saving your front office valuable time.

Encouraging Unscheduled Treatment

When patients express interest in a treatment but aren’t sure they want it right away, contacting them again can easily become an overlooked task no one completes. However, if you make a note of their interest in patient engagement software, it can send out nurturing educational content related to that treatment, encouraging patients to schedule an appointment and increasing treatment acceptance rates.

Replacing Last-Minute Cancellations

Last-minute cancellations are a problem that many dental offices struggle to handle. They hurt office morale, and they’re expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue. Patient engagement software can identify gaps in your schedule due to cancelled appointments and enable you to contact everyone on your ASAP list at a touch of a button. The result is quick and easy booking so you can see more patients and make back a lot of that money.

Patient engagement software helps simplify your day-to-day operations, freeing up time for you and your office staff. Plus, it can save money and help your practice recoup lost revenue. Carefully consider which patient engagement system is the best solution for your office so you can reap the most benefits specific to your practice.