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How to Get DSO-Style Efficiency

By Planet DDS
January 29, 2020

For many years, the dental industry in the US has been the domain of the small practice, owned by an individual dentist and reliant on a local customer base.

But recently, two new paradigms have been making a bigger impact in the marketplace: Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and corporate dental chains.

Neither of these is a new phenomenon. Dental chains in particular are common in Europe, India, and elsewhere.

The DSO model has been present in the US for quite some time, but has been gaining market share following the introduction of the Affordable Care Act.

By some current estimates, up to 20% of the dental market is now made up of DSOs and corporate dental chains, with the latter segment experiencing rapid growth .

While large support structures can be enticing, especially for new dentists just starting out, many of those abilities are available to any motivated practice. With the right tools and strategy, you too can enjoy large organization-like efficiency!

What strategies should you use? Schedule some time to speak with one of our experts to discuss ways you can streamline your dental business and keep your practice thriving!