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How Strong Are Your Patient Campaigns?

By Planet DDS
November 3, 2020

10 Keys to Assess Effectiveness

By Dr. Greg Grillo

You might think campaigns only belong to politicians, but your practice is on the trail every day. Patients move along an interactive journey as they interact with your brand. Campaigns help nurture their support and buying decisions.

Are your campaign skills sharp and effective? Take a minute to peruse this checklist. How many of these next-level skills does your team use to reach existing and new patients?

  1. We make at least 12 social media posts each month.
  2. We post one or more new articles each month on our blog.
  3. We use an automated system to nurture unscheduled treatment .
  4. Monthly emails that contain a snippet of our blog articles direct patients back to our blog.
  5. All our content is branded with the look and feel of our practice, including our logo.
  6. We access a full library of content on every dental topic.
  7. Our website uses assessments and quizzes to gather contact information.
  8. We use sales funnels to filter patients actively seeking services, such as implants.
  9. We use a progressive communication system to help overdue recare patients reactivate.
  10. Our patients can access online scheduling if they’re ready to respond to a campaign.

If you checked at least 8 of the 10 keys above, you’re probably attracting and keeping a steady flow of patients. Anything else, it’s time to hit the (automated) campaign trail. Legwork can help with every one of these points. Set up some time with a Legwork team member to learn how Legwork can fill in the missing campaign pieces for your dental practice.