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Fill Gaps in Your Schedule & Get Patient Appointments 24/7

By Planet DDS
June 9, 2020

Want an easy way to schedule more appointments while doing less admin work? That’s right–you can reduce phone tag and back and forth emails by allowing patients to schedule appointments themselves with Online Appointment Booking . This tool fills gaps in your schedule by letting patients book at their leisure, selecting from the time slots you designate as available.

Filling Gaps

You’ll likely have a lot of gaps in your schedule as your practice reopens. Encourage patients to get their dental treatments during times you’re available by entering your practice hours in your Online Appointment Booking form. For Legwork customers, our on-demand webinar walks you through how to set up Online Appointment Booking and connect it to your practice management software. You can customize the online booking form with your hours of operation as well as the specific working hours of your providers. Additionally, you can block out holidays or hours unique to your practice such as lunch hour or administrative time. To further ensure that gaps get filled but don’t overlap, you can designate the amount of time specific appointment types typically take, such as exams, cleanings, extractions, or Invisalign® consultations.

Scheduling 24/7

As former patients learn that your practice has reopened, use Online Appointment Booking to make it easy for them to schedule on their own. Patients will be able to reserve a spot on your schedule the moment they realize they need to see a dentist — even if your practice is closed that day! If a parent of a child with a toothache, for instance, searches online for a dentist at 10 PM, they’ll likely schedule right then and there, given the option. Or should a former patient remember during the weekend that they’re overdue for a cleaning, they can book an appointment in their free time rather than having to wait and remember on Monday during office hours. After setup, you can encourage self-booking by sharing your Online Appointment Booking link. Send it via text, social media, email, or add it to your email header. And after publishing your form, embed it in your website so you have fully contactless scheduling in place! For Legwork customers, Online Appointment Booking is available now at no additional cost. Learn how to set it up by watching our on-demand webinar.