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Driving Your Practice From a Dashboard, Not Dysfunction

By Planet DDS
July 28, 2020

Driving Your Practice From a Dashboard, Not Dysfunction

By Dr. Greg Grillo

Leading your practice in 2020 and beyond takes a set of skills that dental school didn’t cover in much detail. The intricate balance you strike between clinician, manager, and entrepreneur demands a steady hand in each area. But neglecting crucial parts of your business can derail consistent growth and your reputation in a profession that relies on both for success.

Dysfunction in any business develops from a few root causes. A lack of resources may be more tangible than an unclear mission , but both need to be addressed. In dentistry, most practices don’t lack resources to secure and use what they need. The resources are there, but they may be disorganized, incomplete, or underutilized.

When it comes to digital resources, there are even more chances for dysfunction. Apps and automated platforms require configuration and coordination in order to get the most from them, and deliver an even experience to patients.

So, how do you take a dozen moving parts and keep them running in the right direction?

Go For A Dashboard

The digital dashboard concept developed in the 1970s to support business decision-making. But in 2020, digital dashboards help run public utilities, corporations, and military campaigns alike. A dashboard can simplify or automate critical aspects of the managerial and entrepreneurial roles that drive successful patient relationships in your office.

When you’re driving 70 mph down the freeway, the dashboard in front of you tells you everything you need to know. And modern vehicles report more information than ever. They help you make life-saving adjustments and understand what other drivers are doing around you.

A practice dashboard puts your team squarely behind the wheel with the same power. But it does more than feed you information. The right software creates a hub that executes tasks and monitors everything you need to know. You can eliminate chaos, accelerate growth, and shape the patient journey with an essential command center we call the Legwork Dashboard.

Legwork Dashboard performs five essential tasks that underpin your managerial and entrepreneurial goals. Here’s what you can expect:

ORGANIZE Key Information

A good morning huddle sets the tone for the delivery of care every day. The morning huddle task list in Legwork Dashboard helps everything at your practice run smoother. When you have one place to look to start your day, everything runs smoother. A clear view of your clinical day through a health summary, operatory calendar, and valuable referral tracking makes it easy to dive in and optimize your daily flow.

MANAGE Your Execution Plan

Nothing can mar a patient relationship like a bad experience. Legwork Dashboard displays vital information on your patients to help you manage their experiences throughout the day. Get a real-time view of each appointment and patient-specific tasks to reduce no-shows, view contact details, and personalize appointments to create memorable moments for everyone who walks through your doors.

PERSONALIZE Communication

Building rapport through trouble-free channels strengthens patient relationships. You can design personalized, one-to-one texts and email messages managed right from your Legwork Dashboard.

ANALYZE Practice Metrics

Legwork Dashboard gives you the same insights that big companies use to make short and long term adjustments. At-a-glance multi-metric reports display instant feedback on your practice health, and provide patient insights so your team can improve experiences and facilitate rapid growth.

ENGAGE Multiple Channels

Legwork Dashboard provides customer engagement apps to cover every need, including two-way texting, automated email, auto-calling, postal mailers, and even gift card fulfillment. Messaging functions automatically sync contacts with our patient experience apps, offering insights so you can serve patients at the highest level and leverage new relationships.

Take Charge With Legwork Dashboard

You’ll search high and low for a dashboard that brings cohesive tools together that are meant to talk to each other. If one vendor builds a product that funnels leads and gathers contact data and another handles the campaigns that follow, you may end up with a wreck.

At Legwork, our in-house programmers and designers build tools that seamlessly integrate into a single dashboard. You don’t have to wonder if one function doesn’t work with another — It’s all made to work together for your practice and to give you the control you deserve.

Select the tools that work for your practice and eliminate the rest. Your team will be in control from behind dentistry’s most powerful control panel.

Learn how to streamline your day-to-day operations, while making it easy to delight your front office staff and your patients alike, by watching our free, on-demand webinar.