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COVID-19: Getting Back to Business Stronger Than Ever

By Planet DDS
May 7, 2020

As restrictions begin to lift in some areas of the US, it’s the time to get in front of patients and lead the way in returning to normal life. Taking proactive steps will help reinforce your relationship with your clients, and encourage them to schedule their first post-lockdown appointments. Need ideas? Here’s some tips from our latest webinar, which will help you establish yourself as a leader in your community, so you can reopen stronger than ever.

Post Positive

After multiple weeks with limited recreation and daily bad news, we’re all desperate for a glimmer of positivity. Your social media is a great way to deliver upbeat messages that’ll help patients look past the immediate future toward the end of lockdown. Consider running a simple contest or raffle on your Facebook page, such as a “guess how many jellybeans are in the jar?” challenge, and offer a modest prize. Activities like this are engaging and entertaining, and lighten the mood for your patients while putting you top of mind. Boosting your posts on Facebook will help bring in more engagement, expand your reach, and get your brand in front of more leads.

Book Ahead

Getting patients to book their next treatment can be difficult in the best of times; immediately after an emergency, people aren’t likely to think about dental procedures. And in a situation like COVID-19, dental health may be the last thing on the minds of your regulars. That’s why encouragement is a must. During your downtime, review your unscheduled treatments, and identify patients who are overdue for procedures and appointments. Once you’ve curated that list, start nurturing through automated workflows built for specific types of treatments. Avoid scary images and clinical jargon in your communications, however. Reminding patients of their dental health needs and educating them on the benefits will greatly increase the odds that they’ll schedule, so your chairs are full the moment you reopen.

Back to Business!

Stay positive with your patients, help them look past COVID-19, and prepare them for their first appointments after you reopen. These steps will help you get back to business and better than ever! Our latest webinar is packed with more tips and strategies. Watch session 4 of “Managing the Patient Journey Through COVID-19” now!