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Streamline Your Practice and Enhance Patient Care with Dental 3D Software

By Planet DDS
January 30, 2023

Managing dental imaging technologies can be a costly and inefficient struggle for dental practices. With increasing file sizes, maintaining expensive servers, hiring IT professionals, and paying for software updates, support, backups, and disaster recovery can be a significant burden.

But cloud-based imaging software offers a flexible and efficient solution at an affordable cost, turning imaging struggles into a competitive advantage. As 3D dental imaging becomes more prevalent in dentistry, with CBCT technology providing accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, file sizes continue to grow, making cloud-based solutions more necessary than ever.

Struggle #1: Ballooning On-Premise Server Costs Due to Growing Imaging Database

The struggle is that as your dental imaging database grows, the cost of maintaining on-premise servers increases. This is because the file sizes of dental images can be very large, especially for 3D scans, and they can easily take up many terabytes of data. On-premise servers can become obsolete every 3 years, which adds to the cost of housing your own imaging data.

The Solution: IT Cost Savings and Scalability with Cloud-Based Imaging Software

The competitive advantage is that cloud-based imaging software can save you money on IT costs and scalability. With cloud-based imaging software, you don’t have to worry about the costs of buying and maintaining your own servers or paying for ongoing IT support.

Additionally, cloud-based imaging software provides unlimited data storage and predictable monthly pricing, which can help you better manage your budget. If your practice grows or your imaging needs change, 3d dental imaging software and cloud-based software can easily scale with your practice.

Struggle #2: Proprietary Imaging Software

In the imaging space, many imaging device companies have developed their own imaging software to work exclusively with their devices. This approach is known as a “closed-architecture” philosophy, where companies create software that only functions with their products. This leaves dental practices locked into a proprietary system, requiring them to purchase both imaging hardware and software from the same company.

The Solution: Open-Architecture Imaging Software

To address this problem, open-architecture imaging software like XVWeb has emerged, providing dental practices with independence from proprietary systems. With open-architecture software, practices can choose software that works with any imaging device and integrates with any practice management solution. This provides practices with the freedom to select technologies that suit their needs, rather than being limited to a specific manufacturer’s hardware and software.

Struggle #3: Difficulty in accessing images, limiting work flexibility.

Many dental practices have been looking for ways to allow their staff to work remotely or on the go. However, on-premise servers limit accessibility, forcing staff to go back into the office on evenings and weekends to access patient X-rays. VPNs can provide remote access but can leave patient data vulnerable to security breaches.

The Solution: 24/7 accessibility to images via cloud-based imaging software.

Cloud-based imaging provides a solution by allowing secure access to images from anywhere as long as there is an internet-connected device. It also allows secure image sharing for collaboration with other clinicians or insurance companies.

Struggle #4: Need for a Unified Solution Across All Practices

In today’s dental industry, the trend towards Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) has become increasingly popular. This has led to the need for a unified imaging solution across all practices, as using imaging software that cannot scale can limit growth potential, regardless of the current practice type.

Most on-premise imaging solutions struggle with scaling for multi-office practices. With each additional location, there is a need to integrate different hardware, perform more backups and maintenance, and manage multiple large imaging databases, which can become costly and complex.

The Solution: Cloud-Based Imaging Software for Multi-Location Practices

Cloud-based imaging software like XVWeb is designed to scale for multi-location practices. It provides unlimited data storage, continuous backups, and automatic updates, allowing it to keep up with any future plans to scale. This single solution simplicity can provide a competitive advantage for practices seeking to grow and expand. Therefore, it is crucial to consider a cloud-based imaging solution when seeking a unified imaging solution across all practices.

Struggle #5: Fear of Downtime or Conversion Struggles

The fear of downtime or conversion struggles is a valid concern for dental practices, especially for IT managers. The process of converting to new imaging software can be a daunting task, even if a practice is ready to move to the cloud. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, practices are eager to recover, and the last thing they need is a lengthy conversion process with disruptions and downtime.

The Solution: Work with an Experienced Partner for a Smooth Conversion

To minimize disruption to your practice, it is essential to work with an experienced AI dental software partner during the conversion process. The right partner will seamlessly convert your imaging database and set up your office for success, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of your new imaging software from day one.

When selecting a partner, it is crucial to choose a company with extensive experience in conversions from various systems. This will ensure that the conversion process is as smooth as possible, minimizing any impact on your practice. With the right partner (like Planet DDS), you can confidently make the transition to a new imaging solution and enjoy your competitive advantage without any downtime or conversion struggles.


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