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Are You Bringing in Enough Patients?

By Planet DDS
February 3, 2020

As a small business owner, you know that growth is vital. Every dental practice needs a steady flow of new patients. If you aren’t growing your business, then you’re stagnant, and even a handful of departing patients can be a huge problem.

But tapping into Legwork can keep your practice healthy and growing for years! Specifically, you can:

  • Get found in a search with a #1 listing on Google Maps

Every month 7 million searches for dental services are performed. Are you showing up in the results? Our digital advertisement service ensures that you are targeting advertisements to your geographic area so you appear at the top of Google Search and Google Maps results.

  • Nurture leads with a custom branded website

A good website offers patients more than just your location and hours. Legwork Websites gives you a modern, mobile-friendly, secure website. Designed with unique push and pull technology, your site will deliver a fresh flow of new patients, while leveraging your current patients for an SEO boost.

  • Convert visitors into actionable patients

Take your website to the next level. Engaging blog and social content from Legwork Campaigns is patient-centered and non-clinical, explaining the benefits of treatments you offer. Legwork Leads provides embedded assessments for leads and patients. Once completed online, patients are sent email content that educates and nurtures them into getting the treatment they need, so you land more appointments without extra effort.

  • Make sure patients find you wherever they look

Your practice’s details appear across the web. Are they accurate everywhere leads can find you? Ensure they are with Legwork Listings . Our SEO optimization validates and corrects your details everywhere your practice is listed online, boosting your search results and ensuring accuracy so patients know how to contact you. Keeping your practice growing is a challenge, but you don’t have to take it on alone. Legwork is here to share your load. Helping you put your best foot forward online guarantees that new patients will consistently schedule treatments at your practice. Let us bring in more patients so you can focus on providing them with great care!