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A Field Guide for Re-Opening Your Dental Practice

May 22, 2020

Covering all of your bases is a worthwhile goal. Its especially true as youre attempting to follow a checklist of sorts for reopening your dental practice.

Speaking of checklistthe following downloadable infographic is a culmination of some nitty-gritty (but extremely important) details. Its designed to help prevent the essentials from slipping through the cracks as you ramp-up your patient care again.

Keep this resource handy.

  • Download it to your practice desktops and tablets and personal smart phone.
  • Use it in your daily team huddles as a check-point for your patient care protocols.
  • Review it routinely to remind you/your team about essential safety and patient engagement.
  • Share it with your colleagues.


Access and share the following useful COVID-19 content resources:

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What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Dental Practice to Re-Open

And remember

Above all, were here to help you treat your patients safely.

Contact us for more information about upgrading and safely streamlining your point-of-contact systems including paperless forms and touch-less payment solutions. We can also assist with your operational tasksand costsnow and in the future.

Click here to download your personal “Field Guide/Checklist for Re-opening Your Dental Practice”