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5 Smart Ways to Communicate with Your Patients

By Planet DDS
January 16, 2020

If you want to stay relevant with your patients, you need to communicate on channels where they’re spending time and expecting your response. Playing smart means leveraging communication so that it can even replace more traditional forms of marketing. Sure, you could call everyone in your database or post flyers around your neighborhood, but if you want to reach the leads who are looking for your services and ready to book an appointment, you need to meet them where they are.

We call communicating on patients’ terms intent-based marketing, and it’s often more effective than disruptive methods like commercials and advertising. Not sure where to start reaching out to your clients? Here’s the 5 top channels for meeting today’s patients where they are:

2. Email

Although many people prefer text messaging, email still plays an important role for business communications. As you adopt newer methods of communication, consider the ideal channels for each segment of your patients. For example, people over age 45 prefer email over text when communicating with a business. Emails also offer more digital real estate than texts, making them optimal when you want to pack more information into your communications. Setting up automated email reminders gives your practice a multi-prong approach to making sure your seats stay filled! And email is the best platform for segmenting your communication based on interests, actions, and more.

4. ChatBot

Once someone reaches your website, they’ve become a prime candidate for intent-based marketing. Make it easy for web visitors to get answers for their questions by installing a ChatBot on your site. Communicating via a bot will engage both leads and returning patients looking for ongoing treatment. In addition to your homepage, bots can be useful on other platforms. Consider using a bot on channels where patients regularly contact you with general questions, such as Facebook Messenger

Legwork Call Pop-Up integrates seamlessly with VoIP services like Mango Voice and Jive Voice, that implement a virtual receptionist so you never miss a call. Additionally, Call Pop-Up equips your team with vital information when the caller is already a patient, helping you deliver a great experience whenever someone reaches out by phone.

Although some of your team members might need convincing to implement different approaches to communication than what’s become your go-to, remember what your end goal is: staying relevant so you can generate more leads and retain current patients.

Communication is vital to this goal, so do everything you can to ensure you’re reaching patients via multiple, effective channels.