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5 Dental Marketing Ideas for Dentists to Acquire and Retain Patients

By Planet DDS
April 7, 2021

Good ideas might be a dime-a-dozen, so to speak. But it’s the implementation that reveals whether they have real value. Even so, those marketing ideas for dentists, like you and those within your organization, are still the key to your growth and success strategies.

It’s common for every dental marketing conversation to somehow revolve around new patient numbers. That metric has value because:

  • Your new patient data reveals much about how people are finding you and your services
  • Like most consumers, a high percentage of potential patients go online to search for a dentist or to research dental treatment

We could explore dental marketing in a broad sense. And sure, you would end up with a long list of fresh ideas that might be implemented.

Let’s narrow our conversation this time around to some core online, digital strategies you can include in your dental marketing plan. Each has a strong potential to increase your new patient numbers.


Each also has the added benefit of helping you better market your services and engage your growing current patient base.

Five dental marketing ideas for dentists who want to acquire new patients and build long term loyalty

1-Get your website in shape

The linchpin of your online presence is your dental practice website. Optimizing it is key.

Optimization doesn’t only apply to an SEO strategy. An optimized website also implies that you’re making the most of your primary digital platform.

A patient’s first impression is often formed when they visit your website. Keep in mind, like you, the primary nature of an online search means that people are exposed to sites done well and those that are lacking something.

Design, ease of navigation, and conversational voice/language (no dental jargon) are vital.

  • 90% of web users form an opinion about a website based on its design [1]
  • 38% of users will click-away from a website if the design is unappealing and difficult to navigate [2]
  • Overall design, graphics, images, etc must be responsive to desktop and mobile devices

These days its becoming more essential that your dental practice website be equipped with a few unique features:

  • Informative, useful content that answers questions and solves the problems people will naturally search for online
  • Online scheduling capability
  • Tasteful images and video that compels and informs site visitors about the benefit of oral health and your related services
  • Online payment and billing options
  • Online prescription requests and renewal options
  • Chat and messaging technology for easy, fast communication with you/your team

Each of the above also relies on security, speed, SEO (local and dental oriented keywords), and smart-device (mobile) capability.

2-Get a Google My Business page listing

A Gmail account opens the door to big opportunities for potential patients to find you online. But optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) page is the key to making that connection.

  • Start by building your GMB page. Google the process and you’ll find step-by-step information for how to do it.
  • Optimize your page by providing the necessary information in each section. The information on your GMB page will automatically synch with the Google Local Map Pack – a grouped listing of similar businesses by location (including dental practices located closest to whomever is searching).

You’ll also want to add some specifics to your GMB page for best optimization:

  • Clarify your category (e.g. “dentistry,” “dentist,” “dental office,” etc.)
  • Your practice phone number
  • A brief description of your practice (keep it benefit focused)
  • Your practice hours
  • Your practice address
  • Reviews of your dental practice

3-Get content on your dental blog

Without a fresh stream of content published regularly, your website could be nothing more than an online brochure. Search engines (i.e. Google) rank a webpage for keywords that potential patients are using to find relevant information.

Topic choice can be challenging. But it becomes easier when you listen to the questions your current patients are asking. Their questions and concerns will often reflect those of the general, dental-seeking public.

Ideas for blog content can include:

  • Common myths, assumptions, or inaccuracies about dentistry, dental care, or specific dental treatment
  • Popular dental topics such as teeth whitening, braces, DIY procedures, daily oral care, etc.
  • FAQ themed posts that ask and answer specific questions on topics patients want information about

4-Get active (and stay active) on social media

A social media presence today is like a local hangout. It’s where the public gathers to communicate but also to do intuitive research about their interests or their next purchase.

The more you leverage social media for your practice the better your engagement with current and potential patients.

  • Be a bit more “granular” with your social media posts than you are via your blog content. Provide “sound-bytes” about relevant percentages, statistics, and attention-getting facts about dentistry.
  • Use visuals like infographics, short, informative videos, and tasteful, emotionally compelling images.
  • Share (permission granted) “before-and-after” images, patient testimonial videos, and other photos relevant to patient care.
  • Post client reviews (with permission).
  • Show the “human-side” of your practice through team photos and engaging videos.
  • Promote your local community by highlighting events, milestones, etc.

5-Get comfortable asking for reviews

Patients read reviews. For many it’s how new patients will inform their decision about choosing you as their dentist.

Of course, positive reviews are a free marketing opportunity. A negative review can also showcase your practice culture and tone by how your graciously respond to critical comments.

Basically everyone is “watching” (or “reading”) the press about your practice via an online review. But if you want reviews you have to ask for them.

  • Train your team to make review requests a natural part of their patient conversations.
  • Make the process easy for patients to submit a review of their experience with your practice. Direct them to Google, Facebook, Yelp, and…your Google My Business (GMB) page.

Certainly, there are tons more dental marketing ideas for dentists we could explore. For now, use these online themed ideas to prompt more ideas and guide your strategies going forward.

Dental marketing is really about patient engagement that creates loyal patients

Acquiring new patients involves specific dental marketing strategies. But retaining them requires a well-equipped dental practice management platform.

The more patient-facing the better your patient relationships – including new patients.

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