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4 Web-Centered Services to Help Your Dental Practice Grow

By Planet DDS
December 18, 2019

One of our central goals here at Legwork is to support dental practice growth. We want to help every one of our customers grow their dental practices to new heights, so dentists, staff, and patients alike can thrive. We’re so committed to growth that we built a whole category of Growth services to cultivate, optimize, and promote your practice online so it attracts the maximum number of leads. Ready to learn more?

Let’s take a look at the current Legwork growth lineup:


Your reviews tell a great story, but only if leads see them. That’s where digital advertisement comes in.

Leads look for their new dentist on Google Maps, with 7 million searches for dentists and practices performed each month. Legwork can place you and your reviews at the top of those results!

Legwork search specialists will update your Google My Business page, then design, optimize, and monitor your local campaigns so you don’t have to. Monthly reports let you know when your ads are doing the trick, so you can move your budget up or down to stay in line with your objectives.


Struggling to stay top-of-mind with patients after their appointments? Let us help. Avoid going dark by sharing monthly content that educates and reminds patients of additional services you can offer, so they stick with your practice.

Legwork creates engaging, patient-centered content that’s proven to drive better engagement. We focus on the human side of dentistry, leaving out dental jargon and focusing on why patients should adopt preventive and elective treatments.

Choose from our library, and get regular deliveries of material you can add to your blog and social media accounts. All content is branded with your practice’s logo, look, and feel. Simply pick what you need, leave what you don’t, and start enhancing your patient relationships today!


Having a secure, mobile-first website should be simple. And with Legwork Web, it finally is. Web design is made simpler with our industry-leading dental website builder. Our websites are created with efficient, scalable designs.

Legwork Web infuses rich, engaging content experiences that build instant rapport and trust with each visitor because that’s what turns leads into patients. Legwork’s website builder tool allows you to preview and choose from a variety of pre-designed web modules that are proven to engage prospective patients on your dental website.

After choosing your modules, our web team customizes the site to your specifications with your branding and personalized content. Legwork websites syncs seamlessly with Legwork software , fueling optimization through state-of-the-art Google-friendly SEO tactics unlike anything else in the dental industry.

By driving both lead and loyal patient traffic to your site, our dental websites improve your SEO ranking and help you secure new patients.


SEO has become much more sophisticated. It’s no longer just about showing up first in a page of results; it requires consistent information for local searches and services like Siri and Alexa.

In dentistry, nearly every search result is a local result. Legwork Listings manages your local listings so your practice performs better in search results, and prospective patients can find the information they need.

One of the keys to local SEO is making sure your practice’s vital details are consistent everywhere on the web. Listings verifies and corrects your practice’s vital details across all major listing sites, so Google, Apple, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and directories will show your details accurately and consistently. Search engines will trust your site and consumers will find you more easily as a result.

Where does your practice need the most help? Which service are you eager to start using? Schedule a demo today, and learn how these groundbreaking services will grow your practice!