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3 Tips for Turning Website Visitors into Dental Patients

By Planet DDS
March 5, 2021

Bringing visitors to your dental practice website is a challenge, but traffic alone isn’t your true goal. You want your visitors to engage with your site by ultimately scheduling an appointment. In marketing terms, getting a web visitor to perform an action you want is called a “conversion,” and is one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing.

In order for your dental website to drive conversions and contribute to your practice growth, it should incorporate these three components:

1. Quality Content

A rule that’s followed across industries and professions is “content is king”. Content is what keeps your website fresh, improves SEO, and engages web visitors. If your content isn’t valuable, potential patients who visit your site will turn their attention elsewhere.

For your dental website to be successful, it needs to draw more traffic than your competition. While many dental websites offer content describing treatments and procedures, it tends to be overly clinical, using keywords that consumers don’t understand or images they often find disturbing.

To stand out, you need content created with your consumers in mind. Focus on the concerns that patients have before an appointment and answer their common questions on your website. Don’t rely on written content alone, though; consider incorporating video and other multimedia options. Although it requires some resources, quality content goes a long way toward converting patients to your practice.

2. Assessments

Upon accessing quality content, prospective dental patients may become interested in treatments and procedures to improve their oral health. But they could remain unsure that those treatments are right for them. This is where your website can help.

Providing assessments on your website for different treatments helps nurture your web visitors into scheduling an appointment. For example, maybe someone is unsure if Invisalign® would be right for them. Having an Invisalign® assessment on your site can help convince that web visitor. Your patients learn ways they can improve their oral health, and you collect leads who are prospective patients. It’s a win-win!

3. Follow-Up Workflows

Once a web visitor has completed an assessment , you need to remain top-of-mind to increase the possibility that the lead will schedule an appointment. That’s why it’s important to follow up with your leads, and one of the best ways to do this is through workflows .

Workflows nurture and educate your leads, linking to their assessment results in case they missed seeing them upon completion. Remind these prospective dental patients of the benefits of treatment, and encourage them to reach out if they have any questions for you. By maintaining that positive contact, you keep your leads engaged and provide value, increasing the likelihood of conversion and growth for your practice.

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