Denticon Implementation

Welcome to the Denticon implementation page, your go-to resource to get you up and running with Denticon. Switching to new practice management software can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Our implementation team is here to help you make a smooth transition. Once you’re in the cloud, you’ll never look back. 

Conversion Implementation Process 

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Kickoff: Your introduction to our implementation team. On this call, we will confirm the details of your setup, describe the implementation process in greater detail, and answer any initial questions you may have.

Denticon Setup

Denticon Setup: The first major task involving your new Denticon account. During the Denticon Setup sessions, we will work with you to input important information into your Denticon account and prepare it to receive your converted data (if applicable). We will also review key setup settings and train you on how to adjust them correctly.

Trial Data Capture

Trial Data Capture:* Point in time when we obtain a copy of your legacy practice manage software data for the Trial Conversion to Denticon.

Trial Conversion

Trial Conversion:* The trial run of your data conversion to Denticon. This trial allows you to audit the data in Denticon to ensure you’re satisfied before proceeding to the Final Conversion and populates your Denticon account with familiar data that can be used during training.

Trial Data Audit

Trial Data Audit:* Your team will audit the converted data and ensure everything is correct.

User Training

User Training: Training for your Denticon super users and for your staff, to make sure everyone is ready for live date and to ensure your administrators have the tools they need to use Denticon effectively.

Final Data Capture

Final Data Capture:* The stage where we will obtain a final copy of your legacy practice management software data for the Final Conversion to Denticon.

Final Data Conversion

Final Data Conversion:* The final, definitive conversion of data from your legacy software system into Denticon.

Live Date

Live Date: The day you’re officially live in Denticon. From this point forward, all new office activity should take place in Denticon.

Post Lice Check-Up

Post Live Check-Up: Once you’re live with Denticon, your account manager will reach out for a Post-Live Checkup. The purpose of these checkups is twofold: to connect you with the team member who will be your main point of contact going forward; and to ensure that you’re using Denticon to the full extent of its capabilities.

*Applies only to offices that are converting data into Denticon.

Implementation Documents


How to Have the Best Denticon Experience

Best practices for browser configuration and ability to use Denticon and our integrated vendors.

Denticon New Account Setup

This cheat sheet outlines how to set up Denticon for the unique attributes of your organization. We’ll go through this document with you during setup training.

Self-Taught Training

This instructional sheet describes how to access and get started with Denticon’s self-taught training resources.

Post-Conversion Process

Additional steps that need to be taken after the final data conversion.