Why choose us?

Stability and experience in the cloud

Planet DDS has been providing cloud-based dental practice management software for over a decade. And that’s a good thing, because it takes a lot of actual user experience to refine functionality to the point we’ve achieved today. We’ve also performed thousands of data conversions for practices that switched over to Denticon from a legacy solution, which has allowed us to fine-tune our onboarding process. Every day, thousands of users log into Denticon to help run their practices. No matter how well capitalized or how big the software vendor, there is no substitute for hard-earned experience in the cloud.

Diverse client base

Planet DDS can meet the needs of many different types of dental practices, from traditional solo offices to part-time shared spaces, even mobile practices. But we understand that each category has very different requirements, and we’ve developed the infrastructure to meet all of them. We have the diverse client base in every corner of the dental practice world to prove it.

Management team experience

Collectively, our management team has over a century of experience in the dental industry, having started six individual dental ventures. Our experience ranges from the technical to the clinical with dental professionals contributing to every design and functionality decision.