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Six Steps to Success: Developing Your Ideal Dental Marketing Strategy

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Every dentist wants a steady, consistent flow of new patients. And yet, few have cracked the code for predictable results. If your practice struggles with high months and low months, an open schedule, and you feel like you’re constantly scrambling to reach your new patient goals, this webinar is for you. Attendees will learn how to avoid the trap of the shiny object strategy pitched by online dental marketing “gurus”, and which strategies actually work.

We’ll be discussing:

  • How to develop smart, realistic goals that helps your practice grow year after year
  • How much you should budget based on your market and the size of your practice
  • What strategies are best for branding, lead generation, patient retention and referrals
  • How to develop an execution calendar that frees you from managing every detail
  • What and how you should measure the success of your marketing

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Xaña Winans

CEO and Founder of Golden Proportions

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