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Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience

The dental world before COVID-19 was simple and so much different from how the dental industry would be forced to operate after the dust settles. With such change, we teamed up with Legwork and Kleer to give you a game plan of how we’re here to help. Learn how combining best-in-class patient communications, membership plans, and cloud-based practice management software can help you deliver the ultimate patient experience.

  • How cloud-based solutions can provide the ultimate patient experience by combining communications, contactless patient interactions, and membership plans
  • How and what you need to communicate with your patients on what they will experience when they return
  • How membership plans will give your uninsured patients access to budget-friendly care and help them commit to their oral health

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Dave Monahan

CEO of Kleer

Korey Korfiatis

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Legwork

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