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ABCs of DSOs: Building a Foundation for Success

DSOs and group practices face many challenges: developing doctors, holding teams accountable, retention and turn over, recruiting candidates, integration and sustainability of initiatives, insurance credentialing, lack of standardized systems, and managing analytics.

For new and emerging DSOs, where do you even begin? How do you build a scalable foundation to ensure a smooth growth trajectory?

We went back to the basics with Janet Hagerman—a dental coach with 30 years of experience—to cover the “ABCs of DSOs.”

We discussed how to:

  • Foster a culture of profitability, ethical conduct, and enhanced patient experience
  • Build dynamic self-sustaining teams
  • Design systems and protocols that support predictable, reliable, and consistent growth/acquisition
  • Train your group to manage growth, be reliably profitable, and promote a strong company reputation
  • Create loyal patients and employees