The Importance of accurate fee schedules

Treatment plan accurately —  PPO fee schedules allow you to provide your patients with an accurate estimate of the portion he or she will be expected to pay. Correct fee presentation is fundamental to building trust with patients, which should increase case acceptance for the treatment they need

Collect at the time of service — Collected copay is one of the most important figures an office should monitor. Ensuring that you have the most up-to-date fee schedules will allow you to quickly and accurately calculate the patient’s portion, driving a higher copay collection percentage.

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Send out accurate billing statements — Using correct PPO fee schedules will allow your office to send out patient statements without having to wait to make the insurance adjustment on the patient account, reducing your patient Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).  

Eliminate inflated production numbers — If you are using your PPO fee schedules for tracking production, you have a much more accurate picture of your net production and what you can expect to collect. 

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