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Tru Family Dental


Tru Family Dental (TFD) is a Dental Support Organization (DSO) with 20 affiliated practices and growing. TFD operates a centralized support center to handle administrative functions including:

  • EOB posting
  • Claim submission
  • A/R management
TFD Support


TFD recognized the need for an enterprise-level software solution early in its growth cycle. TFD's affiliated offices had a patchwork quilt of different desktop software systems in place, making it very difficult to assist the practices from the central support center. TFD's support team used clunky workarounds to access remote databases at each office and gather the data they needed—a setup that resulted in countless hours of wasted time every week. With new affiliations on the horizon, TFD knew it needed to remove the road blocks and find a practice management solution that would serve as an enabler for growth.

TFD Denticon on Monitor

The Denticon cloud solution

By switching to Denticon and consolidating its organization in a single enterprise cloud software solution, TFD eliminated many of its operational headaches and paved the way for efficient growth. Each affiliated practice's data was now easily accessible in the Denticon cloud, allowing the central support center to carry out its vital operational functions, in turn freeing the practices to focus more on clinical tasks. At the office level, Denticon offered intuitive tools to help eliminate manual processes, reduce cumbersome data entry, and ultimately deliver a better patient experience. Back at the support center, TFD’s executive team could now pull consolidated reports from Denticon to make informed decisions about its affiliated practices.

Tru Family Dental perspectives

Brandon Halcott

"When we looked at software, scalability was key. Denticon can scale. Right now, tomorrow, or in the future, regardless of 50, 100, or 400 offices we know that Denticon is going to be there for us and we know that they've got the capabilities and the right equipment to support us now and then."

-Brandon Halcott, President, Tru Family Dental

Naimish Patel Headshot BW

“Much of how we operate as a DSO and our strategy would not be possible without Denticon.”

-Naimish Patel, CEO, Tru Family Dental



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