Educational Webinars

Uncovering Dental Industry Trends: Stories, Surveys, and Statistics

December 06, 2018

As 2018 came to a close, one thing was certain: the dental industry continued to experience dramatic change in the form of DSO consolidation. So much so that the statement is now cliché.

But what exactly happened in 2018, and can that tell us anything about what 2019 has in store for dental?

To help answer those questions, we partnered with Group Dentistry Now—the leading dental news outlet focused on DSOs and Connect the Dents—a leading dental M&A advisory company—for a complimentary webinar. We reviewed a few of GDN’s most-shared news stories of the year, and discussed the findings of a unique, long-running survey of dentists in 42 states to get a sense of providers’ perceptions of DSOs and where the industry may be headed.