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Group Practices

The right solution for your dental enterprise. One database. The cloud as your network.

Helping practices thrive and grow

A modern solution for the modern practice

Link offices together and run them from a central location with Denticon: no more land-locked data stranded in disparate databases. Easily add new offices and convert them from legacy practice management systems with our proven on-boarding process refined over a decade in the cloud. Dramatically increase cash flow with our fully integrated virtual business services. And grow with Denticon as your ultimate enabler of efficiencies of scale, not with endless new hires in IT and admin.

  • Simplify and take control
  • Grow with efficiency
  • Dramatically increase cash flow

Run your multiple locations efficiently with the cloud as your network and skip the bloated IT support costs.

Real-time centralization

Centralized billing and reporting with Denticon. One patient ledger, no matter where the patient was treated in your network of offices. Enter providers and insurance plans only once for the whole enterprise. View appointment and patient records in real-time for every office.

Highly scalable

Add offices easily with Denticon and manage them remotely with Denticon practice management software, built from the ground up to manage multiple locations.

Exceptional support

Proven onboarding and conversion to Denticon from legacy practice management software programs. And exceptional support focused on the unique needs of growing practices once you’ve made the switch.

Your enterprise platform for success

  • Multi-entity, multi-location, multi-specialty and multi-state support
    No matter what the future holds as you grow, our Denticon practice management software is designed to support your needs.
  • Paperless office capabilities
    Everything a paperless practice needs: digital charting and patient notes; digital imagery of all types; online forms. And easily attach any scanned document to a patient file.
  • Fully integrated patient marketing and communications
    Powerful automated patient communications with our Dentigram application. Fully customizable and fully integrated with Denticon practice management software.
  • Revenue cycle management services
    On-demand insurance support services to dramatically increase cash flow with eligibility verification, claim submission, fee schedules, coverage data, EOB entry, and follow-up. All fully integrated.
  • Digital imaging
    Our Denticon practice management software bridges with all non-proprietary imaging systems. And Apteryx and XDR software applications integrate with our cloud storage and viewing application, Dentiray. So your imagery is always within reach in the cloud.
  • ePrescribe
    Send electronic prescriptions to more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. Aggregate prescription history data from community pharmacies and patient medication claims history from payers and pharmacy benefit managers.
  • Certified EHR
    ONC Health IT certified for electronic health records (EHR). Automated drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking. Secure transmission of patient records.
  • Patient-facing online features
    Online patient registration with customizable forms and an in-office patient kiosk feature for added convenience. And an online patient portal for easy bill payment and secure access to account information.
  • Business intelligence tools
    Full integration with two widely-used business intelligence applications, Tableau and iDashboard. Draw from a library of business intelligence templates designed to meet the data analysis needs of growing practices.
  • ANSI 835 Automated Payment Posting
    Directly receive the ANSI 835 remittance advice transaction in our Denticon practice management software—especially useful for Medicaid payments.
  • Integrated point-of-sale transactions
    Denticon is fully integrated with a merchant banking services vendor for credit card transactions. Entering a credit card transaction is as easy as entering a cash transaction. Avoid double-entry.
  • iPhone application
    Use our iPhone application to view all of your information anytime, anywhere.