Denticon Post-Conversion Process

During the conversion process, your final data extraction will typically be scheduled several days prior to the final conversion upload. Any updates/changes/additions/deletions that take place in your current practice management/Clinical charting applications that are made after the final data extraction will NOT be included in your final data conversion.

These items will need to be manually entered in Denticon. Your current practice management system may have audit reports available for items like schedule changes, new patients, and transactions.

You will need to update the schedule to make any appointment changes/additions/cancellations etc. This should be given the highest priority to avoid possible double booking of appointments.

We recommend holding all entries until the final conversion is completed, then enter these items in Denticon. If you choose to continue working in your current system after the final data extraction you will need to zero the fee in Denticon or zero out the fee in your current system to avoid double billing patients.

Progress notes

If you continued using the previous clinical chart note entry you can copy and paste the note into Denticon.

  • Open the chart note in your previous application, highlight the text and copy 
  • Open the corresponding patient in Denticon and select progress notes.
  • Click "Add New Note" from the bottom of the screen
  • Click into the note area and paste the note text
  • Next select the calendar in the upper right corner of the screen to modify the date to the date of service

Post Conversion 1


If you are charging out in Denticon verify that the patient insurance has been linked prior to posting transactions.

Charges can be entered in the transaction entry screen in Denticon.

Modify the "Transaction Date" to the actual date of services then select "Go" to set the date.

Note: there is an option within the user setup where specific users can be set for – Yes to Prompt for entry date; allowing the user to set the entry date then they logon avoiding the need to set date for entry.

Post Conversion 2

Enter the services that were provided.

If you previously charged out the transactions in your previous software, you will need to -0- the fee in Denticon to avoid duplicate billing.

To update charges to -0- fee and remove insurance billing in Denticon:

  • Go to the transaction screen or ledger screen
  • Select the blue date hyperlink

Post Conversion 3

  • Input "0.00" in the "Fee" field
  • Select the "Advanced" button

Post Conversion 4

  • Set the billing order to "None" (this will remove insurance billing from these transactions)

Post Conversion 5

Post Conversion 6

You can audit the entries using the Daily Journal Detail report found in Reports > Daily Reports.  Select the appropriate date range and select "Print Preview."

Post Conversion 7

If you are not converting the balance information (this is typical). You can continue to post payments in your current practice management software until you manually add those balances into Denticon.

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