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Sunset Annoucement of XVLite

By Planet DDS
June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021—Planet DDS announces that we will be sunsetting our Apteryx Imaging XVLite product, our “limited” version of XrayVision. This sunset announcement does not apply to our enterprise software, XrayVisionDCV.

To all XVLite clients, we invite you to take advantage of our simple upgrade path to XVWeb, our most cutting-edge and flagship product. As we focus on delivering the newest technologies for XVWeb, we have instituted the following sunset plan for XVLite.

Sunset Milestones for XVLite Dates
XVLite enters extended support mode—critical security fixes only.September 1, 2021
Last installation / last sale.January 1, 2021
End of support.December 31, 2021
Registration server offline—end of license resets.December 31, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: XVLite is a great product. Why are you doing this? 
A: While XVLite is an excellent product, it is based on our XrayVision product (also being sunsetted), which is nearly 25 years old. XVLite is a 32‐bit program and is limited in its capabilities to keep up with technology. Also, unlike all our other software offerings, XVLite was not built on the DICOM standard.

We’re excited to offer our XVLite clients a simple upgrade path to XVWeb, which has all the benefits of XVLite, including open architecture design, but none of its limitations. XVWeb provides a full suite of new features using cutting-edge technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence, and 3D viewing. With XVWeb, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your data, reduced IT infrastructure costs, secure sharing for referrals, and offsite backups for one affordable monthly subscription.

Q: Does this affect XrayVisionDCV?

A: No. We will continue to offer XrayVisionDCV software, our DICOM and enterprise version of XrayVision.

Q: What does this Sunset Announcement of XVLite mean for me?
A: XVLite will continue to operate past the end of support and end of license reset dates. When the end of license reset date happens on December 31, 2022, XVLite will no longer be able to be registered, which will prevent the installation onto a new server. Support will conclude on December 31, 2021.

Q: I am currently using XVLite. What are my options?
A: We are happy to assist you with our simple upgrade path to XVWeb so you can enjoy our latest technology. Or you can continue to use XVLite, although we would encourage XVLite customers to plan the migration to XVWeb as soon as possible.

Q: I have a clinic that does not have internet access. What alternative do you offer?
A: We offer XrayVisionDCV, our DICOM and enterprise version of XrayVision, which can be used as an on‐premise system if XVWeb cloud is not an option for your organization.

Q: I purchased XVLite within the past 12 months. Can I get a credit towards XVWeb?
A: Please contact our sales team for details on the upgrade and any potential offers and credits.