Denticon New Account Setup

All setup items listed below can be found in the "Setup" drop-down menu in the top navigation bar of Denticon. 


Do not enter additional offices until an initial office is set up.

  • Info tab: Update office information, including an option to upload the office logo
  • Setup tab: Select time interval (match your former practice management system if converting to Denticon) and create statement messages (optional)
  • Integration tab: Enter third party login credentials for any services used
  • Operatories tab: Name operatory with names or numbers (these names will appear on top of the columns in the scheduler). Here again the names should probably mimic your former practice management system if you’re converting to Denticon from legacy software
  • Schedule tab: Enter the office hours
  • Holidays tab: Enter upcoming office holidays (exceptions to the normal office schedule)
  • Procedures tab: Can be skipped for now
  • Explosion codes tab: Can be skipped for now

Providers > Provider Setup

  • Enter each provider, include their credential info such as dental license #, NPI, DEA, Tax ID
  • Assign the provider to the offices in which he/she will treat

Providers > Per Office Settings

  • Schedule tab: Add or edit schedule to enter hours for provider
  • Holidays tab: Enter any exceptions to the provider’s schedule
  • Operatories tab: Assign operatories to providers

Scheduler Views

  • Create an “All Provider” or “All Ops” view

Security > Groups

  • Group setup: Prior to adding users and/or additional offices, edit and customize your security groups

Security > Users & User Per Office Settings

  • Enter unique username for each individual user
  • Enter the user’s first and last name
  • Enter an email address and a security question and answer
  • Select “patient search” as the start-up screen
  • Assign a default schedule view
  • Specify login days and hours
  • Assign users to a security group

Fee Schedules > Fee Schedule Setup And Fee Schedule Assignments

  • Office Default: Enter your UCR fees
  • PPO fee schedules must to be set up as a “PPO” type
  • HMO / Managed Care plan fee schedules must be set as “Managed Care/HMO” type
  • Assign PPO fee schedules to carriers
  • Attach HMO fee schedules to the appropriate plan when the plan is input

Insurance > Insurance Plans

  • Add insurance plans

Pick List

  • Add new pick list items for use in progress notes and in medical and dental questionnaires

Medical Setup > Medical Alerts, Medical Questionnaire, Dental Questionnaire

  • Customize or edit any medical alerts and medical questionnaires (optional)

Charting > Notes Macros

  • Add, edit, or delete existing notes macros for use in patient progress notes


  • Enter any known non-patient referral sources (i.e., referral dental offices)

Collection Agencies

  • Enter any collection agency you currently use


  • Add, edit, or delete prescriptions as required


  • Add one or more labs you routinely use

Payment Types

  • Add any payment/adjustment types not already available but do not delete any existing payment/adjustment types

Misc Setups

  • Document type (for scanned documents)
  • Patient types
  • Responsible party types
  • Referral types
  • Scheduler production type

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