How Denticon Stacks Up
Traditional Dental Software

The truth about traditional software

Traditional legacy desktop software places a huge hardware burden on dental organizations, requiring them not only to pay for the practice management software itself, but also for the hardware that runs that software—typically in the form of servers. Add to that the networking, the remote login functionality, the layers of additional reporting and third-party tools to combine data from multiple locations, the security, the backups, the redundancy, and the total cost of ownership for desktop software quickly consumes a big portion of any IT budget.

clouds-40-percent savings

The Denticon cloud solution

With Denticon, many of those costs are eliminated and replaced with a predictable, monthly subscription rate, because we host your data for you in the cloud and we’re able to spread our costs across our entire user base, passing along the savings to you. By ditching their legacy systems and moving to the Denticon cloud, Denticon users save an average of 40% in total cost of ownership. 

Denticon user perspectives

Douglas Doran DMD

"We'd been longtime Dentrix users prior to this -- leaving that behind and switching to Denticon was by far one of the most significantly beneficial changes we've ever made to our office operations. We would never even consider going back. We have found so many benefits and unexpected synergies in using Denticon -- and it seems like we're always discovering a few more. We are sure that it has been a genuine competitive advantage for us -- making it possible for us to keep-up and even excel in today's rapidly-evolving dental practice arena."

-Douglas Doran, DMD, Rivereast Dental Group

Dr Ashkan Alizadeh

The fact that you don't have to worry about backing up the software is a major plus. Also being able to login from anywhere is invaluable."

-Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh, Marconi Dental Group


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