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How much does Denticon pricing start at for solo practices?

A: Our all-in-one solution includes Denticon practice management software, integrated imaging, and up to 300 claims for 9 users, all starting from $349 per month.

All the costs in traditionally running a dental practice already amounts to no small number. With high overhead costs, it could take up, on average, 75% of a general dentist’s income so it’s important that dental practices do what they can to keep costs low while providing a high level of service to bring in more and bring back more patients. The costs of third party subscriptions, IT costs, in-house server costs, and the operation costs in a dental practice all add up to a surprising amount, but what we aim to provide is a solution with competitive pricing so that you can save on all unnecessary costs.

Outside of technology and in-house expenses, as a dental practice, lab costs are also something to consider as they can amount to up to 10% of all the overhead costs. Though it would be counterintuitive to switch to different labs as the process could be strenuous, it is a good idea to understand that costs and enrich the communications between your dental practice and the lab so that there are no leaks in cash flow. 

And to keep on operating in a healthy manner, it is smart to think about the way your dental practice uses marketing to its advantage. Marketing costs can also start to add up and oftentimes, the costs can vary month to month, day to day. Therefore, having a predictable analysis of where your costs are and what the amount is would be ideal to start saving money and earning more revenue.

With Denticon everything is combined in a comprehensive all-in-one platform, so you’ll get all of the tools and features you would normally need to purchase from third-party vendors in the base plan. From an online booking platform to imaging solutions, Denticon was designed for you to cut costs in order to succeed. We’ll offer the tools for you to gain a better analysis of your operating costs so that you can start making better business decisions and uncover growth opportunities. 

If your office needs additional options such as patient communication tools, analytics, or additional users, claims, and locations, please contact our sales team for a custom quote.

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