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Frequently asked questions

  • Denticon is an award winning, cloud-based, all-in-one practice management solution for dental practices of all sizes. Denticon is intuitive enough for solo practices and robust enough to scale with the largest of DSOs.

  • With Denticon, you can cancel your subscription to many third-party applications such as analytics reporting, patient communications, and online booking platforms. And, because Denticon is cloud-based, your practice can significantly reduce or even eliminate many of the costs associated with maintaining an on-premise server.

  • We use state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls and intrusion prevention systems along with continuous security information and event management to monitor and protect your data. We continuously replicate data to our disaster recovery site and perform backups throughout the day, nightly, and weekly. Planet DDS is compliant with all standards included in the HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Privacy Rule standards and the HITECH Act that applies to Business Associates. In addition, our Denticon software administrators to control rights and permissions for different users or groups. These granular security settings allow your practice to strictly control the depth and breadth of access for your users. Denticon also creates a detailed audit trail of all user activity.

  • If your group or DSO is running multiple systems from different vendors, your IT team is doing a juggling act. By standardizing to one solution, your IT team will have a much easier time supporting your entire practice. From training to troubleshooting and hardware costs, you can reduce your IT strain and spend by consolidating your practice management solution.

  • Denticon dashboards are designed to be intuitive so smaller teams can achieve more through easy user interfacing and useful reports. Instead of opening multiple applications and running numerous reports, your team members can easily access patient charts, patient communications, billing, operations, and run smart reports within Denticon. With Denticon, you can reduce day-to-day repetitive tasks for your staff so they can focus on higher value, patient-centered tasks.

  • Denticon’s robust reporting capabilities can help large practices like yours gain visibility across all locations and save time for your staff. Goal-setting for accountability across practices can be completed with the click of a mouse. Denticon dashboards are easy-to-understand graphic representations of the health of your DSO. Let Denticon collect and analyze data so you can track KPIs and achieve higher goals.

  • Denticon’s cloud-based software architecture allows you to have a single record for patients and providers. No more duplicate records. Denticon’s “concept of one” allows your operations team to view a patient or provider’s activity across the entire organization any time and any place. By harnessing the power of Denticon, your practice can enter fee schedules and update insurance plans across all locations at once. Denticon also enables your practice to have a central billing office to securely manage claims from all locations. Since Denticon integrates with DentalXChange, your office can instantly attach x-rays and other documents within Denticon. Payments are automatically posted to your ledger whether a patient pays in-person or online.

  • Denticon’s patient-facing features are designed to enhance the patient experience from start to finish. With our integrated online registration and consent forms, 2-way texts and reminders, and online payment portal, Denticon helps your patients have a seamless experience with your office. Automated tasks in Denticon relieve your staff from having to do repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their attention on patient-centered tasks. Denticon’s patient communication tools helps you stay top-of-mind with your patients with ease.

  • Denticon integrates with your website to allow patients to schedule appointments, complete registration forms, and make payments online. Allowing patients to manage their appointments and payments makes it easier for patients and reduces the number of calls that come into your office.

  • Denticon features include analytics tool, patient communication platform, claims attachment service, and an online booking platform, to name a few. Think of how much your practice spends each month on these services and consider how much time is wasted by your staff toggling between all these applications.

  • Our most used reports are: Executive Summary, Daily Journal Detail/Summary, Daily Audit, Uncollected Copay, Aging by Home Office, Outstanding Claims, Treatment Plan Status, Deposit, Unallocated Payments/Adjustments, and Audit Trail Report. Contact us to find out how these and many other reports can help your practice achieve more.

  • Use Denticon’s morning huddle dashboard to give your staff a head start on their day. Morning huddles are a great way to encourage visibility, camaraderie, and engagement across locations. The morning huddle dashboard in Denticon is an automated tool that gives key metrics on all locations’ overall performance and production goals. Your staff can also view the day’s schedule to prepare for the day. Our morning huddle dashboard is a quick and easy way to track trends, identify goals and areas of improvement, celebrate successes, and uncover opportunities. Excel spreadsheets don’t come close.

  • Our implementation team has extensive experience converting from over 60 different systems. Our team of experts will work with your office to ensure a smooth transition.

  • To learn more about Denticon, you can sign up for our free demo. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or 800-861-5098. We look forward to speaking with you!

  • To view the Denticon system requirements, please visit our Minimum System Requirements page