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Frequently asked questions

  • Apteryx offers cloud-based and on-premise versions of dental imaging software. Apteryx XVWeb is our cloud-based software and XRayVision is our on-premise software. We also offer XVWeb 3D, a revolutionary cloud-based solution for 3D dental imaging. All of our software are state-of-the-art, industry leading solutions, backed by decades of experience and knowledge in dental imaging.

  • XVWeb is a cloud-based imaging software. That means your office enjoys the most up-to-date version of XVWeb at any given time. No need to pay for updates or upgrades. You can also significantly cut your IT spend by reducing or eliminating the need for servers and monthly maintenance costs.

  • Yes and yes. XVWeb is compatible with all major imaging devices and practice management solutions. XVWeb is an open-architecture imaging software, which is the opposite of a proprietary system. Where a proprietary system would lock you into a specific imaging device or practice management solution, XVWeb is designed to let you choose any imaging device and practice management solution.

  • Our HIPAA-compliant image portal allows your practice to share clinical data securely at any time and any place via a compatible device.

  • With 3D imaging, you can access and securely share cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and stereolithography (STL) datasets online. All 3D image interactions can also be completed via the web, utilizing a full suite of online image enhancement, annotation, and implant planning tools.

  • Your practice can significantly reduce or eliminate upfront capital costs for hardware, servers, and software because XVWeb is cloud-based.

  • XVWeb can reduce the burden on your IT team with turnkey implementation, included updates and annual maintenance.

  • Because XVWeb is open-architecture, it is compatible with all major brands of imaging devices and practice management solutions. As your DSO acquires new practices, you can count on XVWeb to be compatible with whatever imaging devices and practice management solution your newly acquired practices have in place.