Frequently asked questions

Why switch to cloud-based practice management software?

Because the cloud is just better, quite simply. Most of us turn to the cloud already for everything from personal email to banking to booking flights. With cloud-based software, you don’t need to install and manually update software on multiple hard drives to access your practice management tools. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Cloud-based software eliminates the many hassles associated with network maintenance, data backup, security, and a variety of other consuming tasks that are best left to a specialized software vendor. All of these important tasks are performed in the background—simply log in to access the latest and greatest version of your practice management software.

Why are so many businesses migrating from client server software to the cloud?

According to a study commissioned by Microsoft that appeared in Forbes Magazine, the following reasons were given for the change by respondents:

  • 22% – Better technology
  • 18% – Help grow their business
  • 13% – Better availability of data
  • 13% – Better service
  • 10% – Ability to more easily integrate with other cloud applications
  • 9% – Ability to scale more easily
  • 8% – Less expensive
  • 7% – More flexibility

Source: 451 Research LLC commissioned by Microsoft cited in:

What is the future of cloud computing?

The percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing is expected to more than double during the next six years, from 37 percent to nearly 78 percent, according to a study from consulting firm Emergent Research and financial software company Intuit. Given the advantages of cloud computing, those that don’t change risk falling behind.


Is the medical world using the cloud?

According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 Cloud Analytics Survey, 83% of all U.S. healthcare organizations utilize the cloud, 9.3% intend to change to the cloud, 6% do not intend to change. The remainder is undecided.


Is the cloud safe? What about HIPAA compliance?

Patient information stored in the cloud is actually safer than data stored on traditional client server desktops. In fact, of the 10 biggest HIPAA breaches recorded in U.S. history, 9 of them were tied to the theft of physical media—hard drives, backup tapes, flash drives, USB drives, laptops, even entire desktop computers

Patient records in Denticon are stored on secure servers and can only be accessed through our encrypted web application via your web browser. We use the latest encryption technology comparable to what is used by banks and credit card companies, and our servers are stored in state-of-the-art facilities with 24/7 access control that includes physical screening by uniformed guards, continuous video monitoring, and biometric identification controls for server room access. With a cloud solution like Denticon, you don’t have to worry about costly security audits for HIPAA compliance.

How often do you upgrade Denticon?

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is that software updates happen behind the scenes, without requiring you to manually install new versions of your software. Denticon is continuously updated, and tweaks are made without service interruption. We also have a regular release schedule for major enhancements that covers everything from new features to integrations with third-party applications to general maintenance.

How do you handle data back up?

Denticon runs on multiple mirrored servers, all of them running the same data. If one server goes down, the switch to an operational server is instantaneous. All data is backed up to disaster recovery servers in a remote secure facility in the event our primary server location is struck by natural disaster or some other catastrophic event.

What’s does the onboarding process look like for offices making the switch to Denticon?

For a detailed summary of our time-tested onboarding road map, please CLICK HERE.

How will you convert my data over from my legacy practice management software?

We will handle your conversion the same way we’ve been converting practices to Denticon for over a decade—with our finely tuned conversion process developed to handle every major practice management solution on the market. With our extensive experience converting practices, we can even predict which portions of your data will convert seamlessly and which portions will require our proprietary techniques to port over. And we run comprehensive test conversions to ensure that there are no surprises on go-live date.

What if my internet goes down?

This concern was valid when we launched over ten years ago. Fortunately, internet providers have come a long way since then. Internet connections are typically very stable across the U.S. On those rare occasions when internet providers experience downtime, it’s usually just temporary. Compare that to the frustration of legacy practice management solutions that are out of action when your desktop computer crashes, and the benefits of the cloud appear even more obvious.

Out of an abundance of caution, some of our customers subscribe to a wireless card to connect to the cloud via cell network in the event that their day-to-day internet connection goes offline.