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People are now in constant communication, whether it’s by text messages, email, or phone. However, everyone has a preferred way of communicating, which even extends to how someone communicates with a dental provider. As the dental industry becomes more competitive, meeting patients' expectations in the way they prefer to be contacted can make the difference in attracting new patients or retaining existing ones.  

Create automated new patient welcome messages, save the date notifications, confirmations and reminder texts and emails to reduce patient no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Appointment Messaging:

Personalized Campaigns:

Stay in touch with your patients throughout the year with personalized communications such as birthdays, holidays, or thanks you notes.

One-Time Announcements:

Easily create and send ad-hoc messages such as emergency notifications to keep patients informed.

Quick Fill:

Fill last minute cancellations and/or schedule holes by sending an on-demand message to patients wanting to be seen sooner than scheduled and eliminate holes in the schedule.

Automate Patient Recall Notifications:

Automatically message patients who are due or overdue for an appointment and increase your business.

"We are already seeing the added value of Denticon Patient Communication across many of our KPIs, especially our show rate which went up 18% since our implementation. This has been a game changer for our operations both from a cost-cuttting and revenue-generating perspective. Our patients have been telling us that they want to be engaged through a more tech-forward approach and the ability to text and email with Denticon has brought our patient engagement to a new level of success."

-Randa Seif, Chief Operating Officer, CaliDental

Automated Email and Text Campaigns:

Create pre-scheduled, automated campaigns to improve use of time and focus on the most important tasks.

Two-Way Texting:

Quickly communicate with patients in real-time to answer questions, send forms, or reschedule an appointment, all within Denticon.


An interactive and real-time checklist that ensures forms and tasks are completed for an appointment, providing a more efficient and better experience for patients and staff.

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