Denticon subscription cancellation

Please complete the following form in order to cancel your Denticon account. 

  • All fields required
  • Form must be completed by authorized individual
  • Instructions for downloading Denticon data can be found below
  • Your Denticon account is not canceled solely by submitting this form
  • A representative will contact you with additional questions and comments

Standard Denticon Data Download

The Denticon data download allows you to capture the raw data you have stored in Denticon for conversion purposes. Make sure to download your data prior to your requested cancellation date. Follow the instructions below to download your data:

  • Click  Utilities” and choose the “Denticon Download” option from the drop-down menu in Denticon.
  • Select the desired day if different than the current day.
  • Click the "Schedule Download" button.

Data will be gathered overnight for collection the following day. To download your data, return to the same screen on the scheduled date. 

NOTE: Data downloads will provide raw programming data, not an exact duplication of the patient records as the user views them within Denticon.