Mobile Practices

Simplifying communication and reporting at mobile practices
Healthy Kids of Orange County
“We needed practice management software to replace our outdated legacy system. But nothing out there seemed capable of meeting our unique needs as a mobile practice: remote access to centralized records including on-demand x-ray images. None of the newer cloud-based systems had anywhere near the experience and track record of Planet DDS, and none of them were built for mobile practices like ours. In the end, the choice was easy. We went with Denticon.” Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County
Ria Berger, CEO


Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County (HSK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the oral health of children. HSK has a main dental clinic, eight community clinic locations, and two fully- furnished mobile dental treatments vans that visit 100 school locations in Orange County, CA.


HSK’s operations were bogged down by its outdated legacy practice management software. Electronic dental records couldn’t be shared across the eight fixed clinic locations and the 100 schools visited by mobile van. Digital x-ray imagery was saved at each location but it was a difficult manual process to consolidate the files. Revenue cycle management was equally challenging in such a far-flung operation. Generating reports and gathering information to make better clinical and business decisions was a tedious, labor-intensive chore without a central database for important information.

Planet DDS Solution

HSK selected Planet DDS Denticon cloud-based practice management software after extensive research. The multi-location capability of the software combined with the feature-rich clinical and business management tools have made a huge difference in day-to-day operations. Now HSK’s mobile vans aren’t disconnected from the main clinic when in the field, and the home office can gather and analyze key information without spending hours pulling manual reports and distracting staff in the field.