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North East Dental Management
"As a fast-growing DSO, we needed an enterprise-level practice management system that was easily scalable and could keep up with our growth. We had no desire to manage a massive IT infrastructure and software engineering staff. We knew we had to look to the cloud, and Planet DDS’ Denticon practice management software was the only option that could meet our needs. Over the years, Planet DDS has become a strategic partner, not just a software vendor. Their flexibility and their responsiveness helped us grow quickly." Northeast Dental Management
Virginia Wicke, COO


Northeast Dental Management (NEDM) started as a small, emerging Dental Service Organization (DSO) in 2003 with one office in New Jersey. Since then, they’ve grown to over 56 locations throughout the Northeast. NEDM is one of the fastest-growing, most successful DSOs of the last decade.


With so many offices operating in disparate locations, controlling NEDM operations from a remote headquarters was a huge challenge. Each practice location operated in a business silo, and it was difficult to gain an overall picture of the entire collection of practices. Reports were cobbled together from different practice management systems that frequently didn’t measure the same things, making it difficult for management to discern the signal from the noise and make effective, data-driven decisions at the group level. It was impossible to pull patient record and appointment information from the central corporate office in real time. Before NEDM could truly achieve the growth to match their ambitions, they needed a streamlined, centralized practice management solution.

Planet DDS Solution

With Denticon cloud-based practice management software, NEDM has anywhere anytime access to all of their practices’ vital information, such as patient records, provider information, and full appointment schedules—all of it in real time. Denticon allows NEDM headquarters to pull consolidated reports, giving management a truly global view.

Much of NEDM’s growth is fueled by acquisition of solo dental offices. One of the biggest challenges to welcoming new members of the NEDM family is that they often run on different practice management software—usually outdated, desktop-based systems. Planet DDS has a decade of experience converting offices from such legacy systems to Denticon, which makes the post-acquisition transition much less difficult. Data conversion and training offered as part of Denticon on-boarding are a breeze. And NEDM doesn’t need a huge IT staff to maintain its practice management software suite—backups and system maintenance are performed behind the scenes in the cloud by Planet DDS. Instead, NEDM can focus on what matters most—patient care and growth, with the full benefit of economies of scale.