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Your Golf Swing and Your DSO: More in Common Than You Think…

By Planet DDS
January 26, 2021

Success in both is derived from one thing and on thing alone: consistent execution!

How’s your golf swing? Are you smooth, balanced and consistent, or is your swing full of creaking noises, sharp movements, four-letter exclamations, and erratic results? How about the practices in your DSO? Are their results smooth, balanced, and consistent across your network, or full of noisy movements, disparate activities, erratic results, and a few four-letter exclamations at the end of each fiscal quarter? Your golf swing and your DSO performance have more in common than you think, because success in both is derived from one thing and one thing alone: consistent execution!

Any golfer can hit a few shots in a round that rivals the best PGA professional, but the difference between a weekend hack and the pros boils down to one simple thing: stringing together consistently good shots. Remember that 150-yard 7-iron you hit within 10 feet of the pin? That looked indistinguishable from what Rory McElroy did last weekend! Of course, your 7-iron was preceded by 3 balls in the water…and followed by 4 putts to get home from that 10-foot distance. One great shot surrounded by garbage and you take a 12, while Rory walks away with a birdie. Isolate the one shot, and the two of you are the same, but watch the execution over time and the difference is clear. The difference between the best and the hacks is a consistently executed swing.

What about Rory next to another tour pro? The differences are more nuanced and harder to spot. In fact their swings, and their results, look very similar. It turns out there is a ‘right’ way to swing a golf club; a form you can duplicate and practice to improve. Take a lesson from a pro and they’ll teach you the same form used by their last student, and every tour pro that has ever played. Sure, each individual has a different body type, height, strength and nuanced form, but the core aspects of a good swing are the same: tempo, rotation, squared face, etc. So not only is successful golf determined by individual consistency, but by that individual consistency to a known successful form.

Success is determined not only by individual consistency, but by that individual’s consistency to a known successful form.

Sound familiar? The success of each dental practice in your network is determined by their individual consistency in attracting, growing, and retaining patient relationships, but also reflected in how well they follow the known successful form you have cultivated as a DSO. The challenge is identifying and understanding that successful form, finding a way to replicate it across your network, and implementing it consistently month after month–at every location. To create the “perfect swing” in your network requires analyzing the successful tactics employed at each location, and refining that data into a repeatable model that can then be replicated across all locations, and repeated every month.

Unfortunately, the dental software industry thus far has failed the DSO because all of the tools are built exclusively for the individual practice, not a DSO. We’re not talking about one tool that’s used at each location, there are plenty of those, but rather a tool engineered for the DSO to identify their “perfect swing”, measure the results at each location, and efficiently and consistently execute that swing at all locations every month. Tools that make not only every location look like a pro, but that define what a pro looks like. That’s where we come in.

Legwork Enterprise

is a purpose-built solution for DSOs to implement, measure and efficiently execute patient communications across all locations, and to use data to identify the best practices that need to be repeated at every location. In short, we help you find your “perfect swing”, and then support each of your locations in following that “perfect swing”.

So, next time you hit the golf course and strive for a consistently executed swing of ideal form, remember what that effort is teaching you about your DSO. We’ll see you on the links…

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