Dentist CEO

Will Pokémon Go bring you more patients?

July 21, 2016

You’ve probably heard about Pokémon Go, the latest mobile game to sweep the nation. But did you know it’s generating new revenue for local businesses that have embraced the trend? The game requires players to walk around town and visit landmarks in search of new Pokémon creatures for their collections (“Gotta catch’em all”).

How can you capitalize on the excitement and bring more foot traffic to your dental practice? A recent article in Dentistry IQ suggests how dentists can use this game in their marketing campaigns.

Promote the game and your practice on your various social media platforms. You don’t even have to play the game yourself. The fact is, anything Pokémon—photos, memes, screenshots, etc.—is an eye-catching piece of content nowadays. When you’re posting about the Pokémon fun on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you just may draw attention from folks who weren’t paying attention before.

You could even decorate the office and keep a scorecard up for your patients to brag about their accomplishments in the game. If children (and adults, who make up a large portion of players) get some Pokémon fun out of a visit to the dentist, they might enjoy the experience just a little bit more.

To read the full article on Dentistry IQ click HERE.

The bottom line is to embrace the Pokémon Go craze while it lasts.