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Update: Low-cost Delta Dental plan approved in Massachusetts.

August 03, 2017

Last month, we discussed a new low-cost insurance plan proposed by Delta Dental of Massachusetts that could cut reimbursement rates by as much as 20-30%. The proposed plan has since been approved by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance (DOI) and is now open for enrollment.

The new plan, called Total Choice PPO, is provided by a new for-profit subsidiary of Delta Dental Massachusetts. According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, Delta Dental claims the plan will allow the company to serve employers who were previously unable to provide dental insurance to their employees due to high costs. 4,000 dentists in Massachusetts have already joined Delta’s new network.

But dentists argued that the lower reimbursement rates would force them to overload their schedules and rush through treatments to maintain the same collection levels, thereby lowering the quality of care.

Before the plan’s approval, the Massachusetts Dental Society requested that the Massachusetts DOI hold a public hearing to discuss the new Total Choice PPO and its potential implications. The DOI did not hold a hearing but is still considering a petition to hold one after the fact.

We’ll keep track of the new plans and provide any updates here.