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True Cost of Ownership of XVWeb – Part 3: Why Apteryx XVWeb Series

By Planet DDS
May 27, 2021

It’s not easy comparing the true cost of ownership between a cloud-based SaaS product versus premise-based dental imaging software. This article will break down the actual cost of ownership for cloud-based Apteryx XVWeb.

Cloud Lessons

Almost ten years ago in 2012, Adobe caused a major uproar by announcing that they would be canceling all their one-time purchase Creative Suite products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and only offering the Creative Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. This change was met with harsh criticism of Adobe, culminating in a petition signed by over 50,000 people.

So, why did Adobe take this new direction? Adobe’s leadership realized that the perpetual license model prevented them from delivering new capabilities to their clients. New features were being released at a glacial pace of 18-24 months. With quick advancements in adjacent technologies such as new devices, browsers, mobile apps, and screen sizes, Adobe needed a faster way to keep up with their clients’ needs. They chose to move to the cloud so users could download the most recent products and updates.

Despite initial hesitation, Adobe has continued to increase the number of subscribers. In fact, Adobe has increased the number of subscribers by 85% in the past three years.

Resistance to Adoption of the Cloud

Like what happened when Adobe first announced its move to the cloud almost ten years ago, the dental industry is now in the early stages of cloud adoption. In fact, most practices do not yet utilize the cloud. Particularly with solo practices, an estimated 85% of practices still use on-premise software.

But as software technology advances and clients’ needs change with it, the cloud is becoming an increasingly superior option for dental practices of all sizes, as proven in many other industries.

For Adobe, subscriptions are at an all-time high. With cloud-based software, the clients can benefit from the newest feature releases, continuous uptime, disaster recovery, and better security. For those customers who initially balked at the subscription price, Adobe offered affordable smaller bundles.

Cloud Savings for Your Practice

Before considering the monthly subscription cost, let’s talk about what costs you can save with a cloud-based solution.

A significant benefit of storing your patient’s dental images in the cloud is being able to vastly reduce or even eliminate your expenses for servers. Instead of replacing servers costing upwards of $5,000 every few years and paying for maintenance, support, backups, updates, you pay just one monthly subscription fee.

Support Comes Standard

Some dentists want to “own” the software instead of purchasing a subscription. This same hesitation occurred when Adobe first moved its products to the cloud. It *seems* better to own the software and servers, right?

But wait. The cost of ownership isn’t that cut and dry for on-premise imaging software. Almost always, our competitor’s on-premise software comes with a monthly cost for support. How much does your practice pay every month for support? $150? $199 per month?

For cloud software like XVWeb, support comes standard. Costs stay predictable for your practice because of the all-inclusive subscription. Unlike on-premise software, upgrades, backups, and support all always included in your monthly subscription price.

What About Free Imaging Software Bundles?

What if your imaging software comes “free” with your imaging hardware purchase? Some hardware companies will offer bundles that come with “free” software. But keep in mind that these companies must recoup somehow the cost of developing the “free” software. So, the cost is usually included in a higher hardware price. Additionally, the software might be bare-bones, requiring you to pay for additional capabilities, installation, set-up, conversion, practice management bridging, training, support, upgrades, etc.

Buying software bundled with imaging hardware also means you are locked into proprietary software that only works with that imaging device. Should you choose to switch devices or practice management software in the future, you may be looking at paying for a costly and disruptive conversion process.

In the case of XVWeb, which is compatible with all major imaging devices and project management solutions, switching devices won’t slow down your practice. And since images are saved in DICOM (digital imaging and communications in medicine) format, images can be viewed by any major sensor, intra or extraoral camera, or pan/ceph system.

How Much Does XVWeb Cost?

With an XVWeb subscription, you don’t pay for a license per workstation such as operatories, administrative computers, and doctor’s computers. There is one subscription for the entire office. For all subscription levels, XVWeb offers free upgrades, updates, and lifetime support.

For all levels, there is an initial server set up fee equal to one month’s subscription, based on your subscription level, and a one-time location set up and training fee of $99. Contact us if you require database conversion with data mapping.

If you’re currently using an on-premise software, we encourage you to look at the monthly support costs, which can be as high as $199 for some of our biggest competitors. Add to that, the cost of servers, upgrades, maintenance, backups, and updates. You might realize that your current software isn’t very cost effective at all. Learn what robust features you get for a single, affordable monthly payment can do for your practice.

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To find out more about how cloud-based, open-architecture XVWeb can save your practice time and money, contact us for a quick quote!