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Top 12 Chiropractic Marketing Tips for 2021

By Planet DDS
July 1, 2021

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By Dr. Greg Grillo

Post-pandemic consumers continue to value a non-invasive approach to healthcare, and innovative chiropractors stand poised to benefit. Over

35 million patients

seek chiropractic care annually, and 95% report it’s an effective mode of treatment. But with 2500 new chiropractors joining the profession this year, satisfied patients enjoy more options. At the same time, new providers jockey for more elbow room with existing practice brands.

Marketing strategies don’t just belong to retailers, airlines, and software companies. A competitive healthcare environment demands the best efforts using proven tools, techniques, and vendors. Consider these top 12 chiropractic marketing strategies to invigorate the entrepreneurial mindset:

#1 Put The Brand Story Together


Your brand is really just a story that you write and tell, and your patients help recap. Take time to define what makes you different from the chiropractor down the street, and incorporate your unique characteristics into every touchpoint. Between words, images, and actions, people quickly learn:

  • Who you are

  • What you offer

  • Why they should care



A cohesive brand story that includes memorable imagery, logos, and words connects with people emotionally. Everyone who supports your marketing needs to know your vision and branding suite to help your message stay focused.

#2 Make Your Website Worth Visiting

An average website isn’t optional in today’s crowded online scene. The best practices move their site from good to exceptional with tactics that consider evolving research. For example,

89% of consumers

choose a competing business after an unpleasant user experience. And nearly every patient who chooses your practice will spend some time on your site. They’ll often check out the pages of practices around you, too.

An exceptional website should hold a visitor beyond the typical eight-second attention span. Your site needs to offer a memorable experience and give them reasons to stay on-site. This metric helps SEO efforts and builds more trust and credibility.

Patients report higher satisfaction when they discover the convenience of 24/7 appointment scheduling on your website. Plus, it gives them a reason to return to your site, where they may interact with other features during their visit.

#3 Consider Demographic Messaging

We don’t always give much thought to the

generational differences

between our patients. While we’re skilled at helping patients feel comfortable, their journey extends for miles before and after clinical appointments. We can’t generalize characteristics, but understanding the forces that shaped each generation helps us personalize our relationships.

Chiropractic care significantly addresses age-related challenges, such as balance issues and falls, and demand may increase as over 70 million Baby Boomers age. Add content that addresses these concerns, present solutions, and include assessments to your practice website to help visitors dive deeper into their problems.

#4 Cultivate Regular Reviews Across Multiple Platforms


Reviews demand a level of respect on par with family and friends. In fact,

84% of people trust reviews

as much as personal recommendations! Go to Google and search your practice name. Pay attention to any review sites that appear in the results and check your reviews. If you don’t have many, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Watch the webinar,

How to Boost Referrals & Reviews

, for tips on cultivating a culture that recommends your practice.


Ask patients for reviews after their visits and keep a steady flow of feedback for online prospects to check.

Over 60% of chiropractic patients

check reviews before scheduling an appointment, and

94% of patients choose to call

after checking reviews. When the phone rings, there’s a decent chance the caller has already read about your practice online.

#5 Send Targeted Email Marketing Messages

Keep your practice top-of-mind with current patients by sending them a regular cadence of emails. You can send updates about new chiropractic services you offer, promotional offers, changes in hours during the holidays, or snippets of blog posts encouraging them to click over to your chiropractic website.

You can also use email marketing as a channel to cross-promote other local businesses, charities, and nonprofits. Show how you’re active in your community (see tip #8) to position yourself as a chiropractic business that genuinely cares about the residents in your area.

#6 Drip With Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

Social media often brings out mixed opinions from clinicians, but it’s an integral part of daily life across the globe. Over 2.5 billion users worldwide spend an average of

142 minutes every day on social platforms

. More importantly,

81% of small and medium businesses

use social media, including well-positioned chiropractors.


A social media presence isn’t optional for healthcare providers:

74% of consumers consult social media

to help them decide where they do business. You can choose your social media stage, but most practices find the most significant benefit from a Facebook page, followed by Instagram. For actionable tips on how you can elevate your practice, check out the eBook,

Put Social Media to Work For You



#7 Leverage Facebook Ads for Chiropractic Marketing

Although organic social media posts show both clients and prospective patients that you’re active and present on these channels, to expand your reach and attract more new patients requires a paid ad campaign. Instagram and Facebook advertising are a great way to

retarget your practice

to interested patients who’ve visited your website.

Chiropractic Facebook ads are an online marketing tool that help you grow your practice using strategic targeting. You can identify

your target patient persona

and direct ads accordingly, or create ads tailored towards

different patient personas


#8 Provide Accurate, Trustworthy Blog Posts

Google churns complex algorithms to produce search results. Websites regularly updated with relevant content add weight to their SEO efforts. Blog articles help stake our claim with search engines, convert new patients by answering common questions, and educate existing patients with helpful information.

As part of an overall content strategy, consider posting monthly on your website. Send an email introduction to your existing list, and post an update on social media that links back to your website. As a result, your visibility jumps, and more visitors return to your site to further improve SEO.

#9 Support Your Community

The digital space needs our full attention, but we can’t overlook the physical world around us. Supporting events in our community keeps our name highlighted, and it’s also the right thing to do. Donate to a local charity, sponsor a soccer team, or offer a scholarship for local students, and everyone wins.

If you take promotion offline, look for ways to display your logo and brand message in ads, t-shirts, or signs. Include your website URL and social media icons to broaden exposure, and don’t hesitate to post on social media when you support community projects.

#10 Cultivate and Reward Referrals

We become aware of many products and services through the good word of friends and family. And patients who schedule with us through word-of-mouth tend to show up with above-average trust. If we encourage referrals, we enjoy more organic growth and keep new patients flowing through the doors.


Consider sending requests for referrals using postcards or email, and send gift cards to those who send patients. Technology designed for healthcare can automate the entire process and add a personal touch. For example,

Legwork Referrals

allows delivery of both parts with just a few clicks.


#11 Streamline Every Touchpoint

Marketing isn’t just a banner ad or email campaign. The entire patient experience defines the story that patients tell about us. Over

70% of patients

report frustration with their healthcare, including scheduling and long wait times. The best care can be undermined by sitting on hold during a busy day, or new patient leads can disappear if staff members don’t convert calls to appointments.


Look at tools that streamline the patient journey across the entire landscape. For example,

Legwork Online Booking

sets the tone for convenience and frees staff to focus on one-on-one interactions. Marketing by serving patients at the highest level feeds referrals, reviews, and awareness.


#12 Stake Real Estate On The Map

Google Maps plays a growing role in local search results, and “chiropractor near me” searches continue to climb.

One-third of mobile searches

relate to location, and these searches have increased 50% faster than overall mobile searches in the last year. An accurate Google My Business listing helps our practices show up, but local search ads can bump us to the top of the map. And that’s where most people click, especially when good reviews accompany the listing.

Mobile ads that display with geofencing techniques boast twice the clicks of those that don’t. And mobile users spend an average of five hours a day on their devices. Adding geofencing campaigns can make a big difference to your practice. Imagine the benefits if you draw borders around your competitor a few miles away? Every time someone gets near their office, they learn about yours!

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas For Growth In 2021

Complex interactions between tangible and intangible elements move our brands forward in a perpetual cycle. If we don’t control it, another provider grabs the limited attention and budgets of consumers. Whether a patient visits our website or sees our logo on a soccer uniform, we’re surrounded by opportunities to tell our story.

Many vendors offer solutions for each part of the digital tango. But Legwork pulls together everything we need to stand out in our communities, our local search results, and our brand-building strategies. A single platform solution takes the headache out of crafting an impeccable reputation that builds trust and practice growth.

Want more tips on how to make your practice shine in the digital age? Check out the eBook I wrote as a guide to your online brand.