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Top 10 DSOs in the U.S.

November 15, 2017

Earlier this year, we explored trends in group dentistry, suggesting that 2017 may be the year of the DSO. In May, compiled a very interesting list of the 10 largest DSOs in the nation. They recently updated the list here.

We took this list and revamped it, check out the update version here. 

Their ranking was compiled with information pulled from public sources online, including the DSO’s websites. Because it’s unlikely that some under-the-radar DSO is operating at this level, the DrBicuspid list is most likely accurate. Many of the names will be familiar to industry observers (note that the figures below have not been independently verified).

Together, these groups represent nearly 4,000 locations. That figure may seem high, but it accounts for only 3% of the 125,000 dental practices tallied by the U.S. Census Bureau. Which suggests that there’s still plenty of room for consolidation in this industry. Here’s the full list:

Number one: Heartland Dental. 800 locations. More than 1,250 dentists practicing in 34 states. By far the largest group in the nation and getting close to breaking through the 1,000-location ceiling.

Number two: Aspen Dental. 600 locations in 36 states. Not too far behind Heartland. They also created quite the buzz recently with a few video ads that sparked some debate.

Number three: Pacific Dental Services. 500 offices in 17 states. Based in Southern California.

Number four: Smile Brands. 360 affiliated offices in 16 states. Also based in SoCal.

Number five: American Dental Partners. 285 locations in 21 states.

Number six: Great Expressions Dental Centers. 280 locations in 10 states.

Number seven: Dental Care Alliance. 260 locations in 13 states.

Number eight: Western Dental. 245 locations. Yet another SoCal-based dental group.

Number nine: Affordable Dentures & Implants. 230 locations in 39 states.

Number ten: InterDent. 200 locations in eight states.

This list is constantly evolving, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find some new names in the lower half by 2018. More and more dental groups are popping up every month to compete with the big boys in their respective markets.

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