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The Company Behind the Product – Part 1: Why Apteryx XWeb Series

By Planet DDS
July 15, 2021

In this series, we’ve talked about the benefits of Apteryx XVWeb, the cost of ownership for imaging software and revealed some surprising facts about the conversion process. Read on to learn about the company behind XVWeb.

Committed to Helping You Reach Your Goals Faster

If you’re here because you’ve researched imaging software companies and now want to make sure you’re working with the right people, you’ve come to the perfect place. Maybe your goal for imaging is to reduce server and IT costs, get centralized cloud access to images, or enhance security.

That’s where we come in. We want to help you reach your goals faster. So, from providing state-of-the-art imaging software to conversion and lifetime support, we’re committed to helping you achieve these goals and more.

Putting Our Customer Needs First

Unlike some of our competitors who lock you into using proprietary software or can’t perform their own conversions, our cloud-based imaging software and conversion processes put you, our customer, first. Our top priority is to give our clients the most streamlined experience possible. Why do we do things differently from our competitors? Because we’re passionate about providing you with the very best technology and the highest level of service. With these guiding principles, it’s easy to see why we offer:

“Our success has been defined by two things: 1) our commitment to putting our clients first and 2) being able to anticipate and lead through changing technologies. Those are not mutually exclusive. Many of our best software updates have come from suggestions from clients. We will continue to put our clients first as we accelerate imaging software technology for dental practices,” said Patrick Williams, Director of Operations at Planet DDS.

Get to Know the Company Behind the Solution

If you’re in the market for imaging software, particularly cloud-based imaging software, you’ve probably heard about Apteryx Imaging and our cloud software, XVWeb, and 3D module. As you might know, our notable clients include the largest of DSOs, thousands of solo practices, and even the US military. We want to share how we became the solution of choice for so many practices and organizations worldwide.

The History of Apteryx Imaging

Before being acquired by Planet DDS in 2020, Apteryx was a wholly-owned subsidiary of LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. Apteryx has provided dentists and oral health professionals with advanced imaging software for over 20 years.

Our flagship cloud software, XVWeb was approved by the FDA in 2013. The approval of the then-new XVWeb software was a breakthrough in dental imaging software. Since then, XVWeb has enabled dental practices to access their imaging databases on virtually all web-enabled devices for viewing, manipulating, and other diagnostic purposes. From the outset, XVWeb was designed to be open architecture and open format, allowing for integration with DICOM-compatible imaging systems.

Five years following the FDA approval of XVWeb, we received approval for our XVWeb 3D module in 2018. This again was a significant milestone in dental imaging technology, providing dental professionals with a wide array of visualization and diagnostic capabilities for CBCT datasets via a web-based interface. Going further, XVWeb 3D also provides users with a HIPAA-compliant sharing portal to allow for secure collaboration.

Following years of partnership with another leader in the dental software industry, Planet DDS, in 2020, Apteryx was acquired by Planet DDS. At the time of the acquisition, Apteryx CEO, Dr. David Gane said, “Our combined cloud software offerings are highly synergistic…I look forward to working with Planet DDS and participating in their future success.” Of the acquisition, Planet DDS CEO, Eric Giesecke also noted, “We’re excited to welcome the team at Apteryx to the Planet DDS family and to further enhance the unique value proposition for our customers.”

Praise for Apteryx Imaging

Today, Apteryx continues to trailblaze in the dental imaging software space. Our XVWeb product boasts Best-in-Class awards from Cellerant Consulting Group, and our clients hail from around the world.

A long-time client and user of XVWeb, Dr. Jonathan Penchas, explained how XVWeb has helped his Houston-based, five-location practice. “I didn’t want to hold on to the data in a server that could be hit by lightning or a flood and, of course, by hackers. It was too much trouble and risk to manage it in-house. I knew the military had been using Apteryx, and I decided if it’s good enough for the US military, it’s good enough for me.”

“I recommend XVWeb to all of my colleagues. It is the most comprehensive dental imaging software for any dental practice,” said Dr. Penchas.

Another XVWeb client is Park Dental, with 72 practices with locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin. When Park Dental needed centralized access to images across their numerous locations, they chose XVWeb for its scalability, cloud access, and affordable monthly subscription.

“I would recommend XVWeb to any colleague of mine in the dental industry, who is looking for a robust, hardware agnostic, imaging solution, with a great support team,” said Justin Aaron, IT Infrastructure and Support Manager of Park Dental.

Aaron also added that XVWeb’s open-architecture design has allowed Park Dental to utilize numerous brands and models of digital imaging hardware. “We are not limited to one digital imaging hardware manufacturer, which allows us tremendous flexibility in providing the best solutions possible to the organization.”

Where Apteryx is Headed  

Looking ahead, Apteryx continues to lead in imaging software technology, now setting its sights on the next big accelerator in dental imaging technology: artificial intelligence. On the horizon are three proposed AI-powered features in XVWeb:

  1. Caries Decision Support Tool: This AI-powered tool will instantaneously analyze images and highlight suspicious areas to draw the provider’s attention to potential problem areas to help improve diagnostic accuracy for providers and reduce costs for patients through early detection.
  2. Quality Assurance Service: Another AI-powered use case is a quality assurance service that can detect errors and irregularities for clients using data points such as devices, sensors, operatories, and computers. This technology will help our clients identify and resolve imaging problems early.
  3. Auto-Charting Service: Lastly, XVWeb will be able to perform auto charting to help practices reduce clerical errors and save time.

How Can We Help Your Practice?

By putting our clients first for all aspects of our business and staying on the cutting edge of imaging software technology, it’s no surprise that we’ve sold over 30,000 primary licenses over the past 20 years and completed an estimated 6,000 conversions.

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To find out how we can help reimagine imaging for your practice, contact us for a no obligation, customized quote today.