Dental Trends

Teledentistry, the next step in the evolution of dental care?

June 29, 2016

Telemedicine has generated a lot of buzz recently. What about teledentistry? According to a recent article in Workforce magazine, remote dental care makes a lot of sense too.

Teledentistry employs tools like live video feeds and remote patient monitoring to deliver dental care over the internet. While there’s no substitute for a live dentist to perform a root canal, teledentistry can help a dentist pipe in remotely and oversee the work of an on-site hygienist or dental assistant performing routine cleanings or even fillings.

The implications for under-served dental patients (who live in a rural area or in a nursing home, for example) are powerful: quality care delivered on-site at a fraction of the cost. Some states, including California, have already required their state-wide insurance programs to reimburse such treatments.

For the full Workforce article, click HERE.

Denticon practice management software is uniquely suited to such a progressive form of dentistry. Patient information is not only secure in the cloud, but also easily accessible from any internet-enabled device. Built from the ground up for multi-location, remote access, Denticon allows the on-site hygienist or assistant to share information in real time with the dentist back at the home office.

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