Dentist CEO

How to take a vacation as a dentist.

July 13, 2016

It’s no secret that a well-deserved vacation can help you be more productive and satisfied with your work. The truth is, dentists often miss out on valuable vacation time in order to keep their practice running. If you’re a solo dentist, it may be difficult to leave for even a week.

How can you take some much-needed time off without jeopardizing your practice? Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor at Dentistry IQ, recommends employing the services of a retired dentist during your vacation. He found an informal group of retirees to cover for him and his business partner when needed.

Retired dentists can help cover most routine visits and allow you to keep your doors open while you’re on vacation.

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So how do you take a vacation as a dentist? Make sure you’re covered and then go! There’s no better time than the present (especially when the present happens to coincide with summer).