Dentist CEO

Exit Strategy and Selling Your Practice(s)

January 02, 2018

Webinar recording

The dental industry is experiencing a wave of consolidation, propelled in large part by outside capital. If you’re a growing practice or an emerging group, chances are you’ve been approached to sell or partner with a larger organization.

But what does a good acquisition offer look like, and how do you even begin to approach the exit process? To explore these topics, the ADSO and Planet DDS partnered to host a complimentary webinar with Perrin DesPortes, Co-Founder of TUSK Partners. 

Perrin drew from his extensive transaction experience to share some valuable lessons learned. Click HERE to access the recording.

Topics included:

  • Determining what’s the “best” offer on the table
  • Deal mechanics and terminology
  • Marketed sale process
  • Current industry multiples
  • Strategic buyers versus financial buyers