Dentist CEO, Dental Trends

Don’t let growth create unnecessary headaches.

January 30, 2019

Multi-location groups comprise the fastest-growing segment in dental—by some estimates, they will represent 40% of the market within 5 years, changing the face of what is still a very fragmented industry. For groups that don’t have a single, consolidated practice management solution with solid reporting tools, growth can result in a lot of headaches, especially when it comes to reporting.  

Many groups have full-time staff dedicated to pulling and consolidating reports from different practice management systems, a time-consuming, inefficient, and—worst of all—error-prone process, as different systems produce different outputs that are hard to reconcile.

For those who have made the switch to Denticon cloud-based practice management software, there’s a built-in advanced reporting tool called Dentilytics Enterprise. No need for cobbled-together excel spreadsheets, or for expensive third-party solutions that don’t always work. The resulting savings in time and money are dramatic. One group saved 20 hours a week and gained a much better understanding of its performance with customized, real-time reports.

To learn more about how Denticon’s all-in-one practice management solution can help your group grow without the headaches, read the case study below.

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