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Daily morning huddles keep your dental team on track.

June 19, 2019

In the first installment of our series on improving dental practice profitability, we discussed the importance of goals and how to set them for your providers.

You’ve set your goals—great. Now what? In this second installment, we’ll examine morning huddles, and how they can keep your team motivated to hit those goals.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post to learn more about our morning huddle tips and tricks.

What is a morning huddle?

A morning huddle is a daily meeting that brings your team together for at least 10 minutes before you begin seeing patients. Huddles offer a great opportunity to focus on the day ahead and how the day fits into your goals, but they’re also a chance to look back and celebrate recent achievements, or even discuss areas for improvement.

The main purpose of the morning huddle: communication!

Morning huddle tips and tricks


Metrics to track

Prepare for your morning huddle by pulling together key metrics that highlight topics including:

  • Overall performance
  • Yesterday’s performance
  • Today’s schedule
  • Production needed to achieve your goals

We’ve created a helpful article that shows these metrics in detail using an automated tool that dynamically displays your Denticon web-based practice management data. It helps if you’re using software tools like Denticon that automate these functions. Many offices don’t hold a morning huddle because it’s too much work to gather the necessary information. Denticon does that for you with up-to-date information on display that you can project on a screen in the office.

Designate champions

To encourage personal growth and collaboration, designate a different champion for specific metrics—this also keeps your team on their toes and engaged during the morning huddle, especially if you rotate roles so the same person isn’t always responsible for leading the huddle.

Keep your schedule handy

Have a schedule handy to ensure your providers have enough time allotted to maximize on their opportunities.

If you notice in your morning huddle that the schedule is overloaded and your providers will not have enough time to maximize their opportunities, call patients in advance and move them to available times where your providers can spend more time completing treatment. Of course, in a perfect world, you will have caught this sooner (no one likes to reschedule patients at the last minute)—but the morning huddle can serve as a final check for the day.

Morning huddles are a great mechanism for fostering camaraderie at the office. Consider changing up the format of your huddles, awarding fun prizes for small victories, and calling out your successes, however small. If your team is excited about the day and clearly understands where they stand in reaching their goals, they will feel like part of a cohesive whole (information and communication make a huge difference for engagement).

Check back soon for the next installment in our series on increasing profitability. We’ll cover some of the daily metrics you should be tracking from an overall business management standpoint.

Mornign Huddle Tips and Tricks