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Why your dental practice should start the day with a morning huddle.

June 07, 2018

As consolidation drives greater competition in the dental industry, it’s more important than ever for individual practices and emerging groups to keep pace. The challenge, of course, is that most dental organizations don’t have the resources of a large DSO.

But there’s still a lot that individual practices can do to remain competitive. Measuring and communicating performance from a few key performance indicators (KPIs) is the easiest and most effective first step on the road to reaching your goals. As the old saying goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Enter the morning huddle

Many offices already conduct a morning huddle. But with outdated desktop software, it can be a challenge to pull clean KPIs—a process often resulting in cobbled-together Excel spreadsheets that don’t exactly communicate a clear message to the team.

Because it’s so difficult to present KPIs without the right tools, most morning huddles focus instead on qualitative areas for improvement that are hard to measure objectively. Those conversations aren’t bad to have, but they rarely lead to improved performance.

With Denticon practice management software, the morning huddle is easy, thanks to its built-in Dentilytics tool. Dentilytics gives you a compelling dashboard you can pull up on a monitor during your morning huddle to hone in on essential KPIs. We've also created a video that goes over how to use Dentlytics Basic in your morning huddle and how to conduct the perfect morning huddle

Overall performance

D-Basic Speedometer 

The top row displays metrics on overall performance for the current month so far, with a clear indication of how the office is tracking to goal. You also get tabs for more detail on yesterday’s performance, today’s schedule, and where you stand overall. Many offices will emphasize one of these in a given morning huddle and alternate as the week progresses.

Yesterday's performance

D-Basic Yesterday's Performance

The yesterday’s performance tab allows you to celebrate yesterday’s achievements and highlight areas for improvement. Asking constructive questions like “what went wrong during this patient’s visit?” and “how can we learn from this mistake?” when things are still fresh in everyone’s mind can make for great teaching moments.

Today's schedule

Today's schedule

It’s amazing how much opportunity the average dental practice leaves on the table. With a focus on same day production, the today’s schedule tab highlights treatment opportunities in the day to come. You’ll see if a patient is scheduled for a routine checkup but has a pending incomplete treatment plan. Armed with that information, your team can consult with the patient on completing their treatment plan while they’re in the office. What’s more, your clinicians will see their average daily production numbers compared to goal, and how much they need to produce per day for the rest of the month to meet that goal (you can show this by general practitioner, hygienist, and specialist). And your front desk staff can see which patients on the schedule for the day have an outstanding balance—another frequently missed opportunity to tie up loose ends.

Where we stand

Where we stand

The third tab, where we stand, is great for those morning huddles when you want to give the entire team an overview of performance in a given month so far. The headline here is total office production per day needed for the remainder of the month to achieve monthly goal. But you can also dive into key metrics including number of new patients and continuing care exams, with comparisons to prior periods. Many Denticon offices use this tab for morning huddles at the beginning of the week and at the middle of the month.

Morning huddles with Denticon and Dentilytics don’t have to be a cookie-cutter experience. You can highlight different goals throughout the week to keep your team motivated and engaged.

The bottom line

Celebrating success is just as important as highlighting areas for improvement. A well-informed staff knows where to look for hidden opportunities, which over time improves overall performance. As long as you’re tracking and communicating concrete metrics, it’s hard to go wrong with a data-driven morning huddle.

With Denticon, the morning huddle doesn’t require any effort to prepare—you can say goodbye to coming into the office early to cobble together an Excel spreadsheet for the team. All of the information is there for you already in a graphical dashboard, as part of a comprehensive practice management software solution. To learn more about how Denticon and Dentilytics are powering morning huddles around the country, click below.

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